Friday, June 3, 2011

Terminal Boredom

Now that the excitement of x-rays, CAT scans, surgery and hospital stays are over, terminal boredom has set in. I am now at my mother's recovering and taking my meds, and each day seems like a carbon copy of the day before. If it weren't for occasional doctor's appointments, my sister's visits, and the one day a week that mom has a lady come in to help clean the apartment, I wouldn't know one day from the next. Even weekends seem the same, except for the fact that the TV schedule is slightly different.

And speaking of TV, how can there be so many channels and so little programing that's worth watching? Turner Classic Movies has been the one bright spot in my otherwise dull days. I love good old classic movies, and they show lots of them. I often wonder how anyone can even think of remaking some of them, or even making a modern day sequel. They usually pale in comparison to the original. A good example is National Velvet, with a pre-teen Elizabeth Taylor and a young Mickey Rooney. What a wonderful movie that was! Then in the late 70's, someone decided to make a modern day sequel, with Tatum O'Neil. TCM showed it right after the original. What a waste of film! It had none of the charm of the original. No wonder Elizabeth Taylor turned down the role as Tatum's mother.

After several horrendously scary trips to the doctor as a passenger in my 90 year old mother's car, I have arranged for for transportation with some more youthful drivers. My sister, brother-in-law and my sister's choir director have all volunteered their services, to which I am eternally grateful! I honestly don't know how mom has avoided an accident. She has no mechanical sense at all, and didn't even know how to operate the master door lock control on her armrest. To let me in, she was tuning off the ignition, pulling out the key and pressing the unlock button on the key! I had to show her the little toggle with the L/U symbol on it and show her how switching it to U unlocked all of the doors. By the way, she has had this car since 1996! Bless her heart though, she is doing all she can for me, and I truly do appreciate it. I just won't ever ride with her at the wheel again. She only has two modes of driving, mash on the gas, and when she's about to run into the back of someone, slam on the brakes! By the way, did I tell you she thinks she's an excellent driver?

Melissa XX


Halle said...

Television, the great wasteland. Does mom have a dvd player? It might be time to buy Planet Earth, or some other box set. Perhaps the local library can help out (hopefully within walking distance LOL)

I remember when my grandfather decided to give up driving, there were many smothered cheers that went up. Your mom sounds equally scary behind the wheel.


Anonymous said...

Planet Earth is an incredible experience. Nothing else on television will make you feel better about life than Planet Earth. I guarantee it. And OMG does it old up to repeated watching. I've only seen it on DVD, but I've heard its worth the extra money for the blu-ray version if your setup allows it.

Keep well, Melissa.

Becca said...

I know that you don't want to hear this but I am glad you are having some quiet time. Maybe that's you need to let yourself heal - although I can appreciate that quiet time can be dull in too greater measure !!


Cynthia Jane said...

Hi Melissa,

Just to let you know, I'm still praying for you, even harder.

My brother may have Lymphoma, so I'm praying very hard for both of you. Get well soon and many HUGS.


Lucy Melford said...

It's good to know that you can write in such an upbeat way when you can hardly be out of the wood yet. Boredom should be an easy thing to bear compared to serious illness.

My mother never learned to drive. She thought it wasn't a thing that a woman needed to do. I used to think this was a mistaken belief, but in retrospect I put it down to a lack of self-confidence, plus a realisation that Dad wouldn't be happy sharing the car. She'd have made a very nervous, indecisive driver, which is just as unsafe as overconfidence or driving like a maniac.


Calie said...

As Lucy says, Melissa, I love to see that your spirits are up. Bless your Mom, and your family and friends.

I'm thinking of you often.

Calie xxx

Stace said...

I've often wondered how you can have so many channels and still have nothing worth watching...


Leslie Ann said...

Nice to hear that you found some use for your brother-in-law! This is your payback for tolerating him so long.

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa!!

I'm sorry that you are having to go through all of this.

You are a dear, sweet soul and I know that you will be back to your original self in no time!

Love ya!

Penny Clare said...

Hi Melissa,
This is what we all fear and it looks as if you drew the short straw.
I know this will be little consolation, but my mother in law has has surgery for breast cancer, chemo, radiotherapy, and still has to take medication, but despite this she seems to take a more active interest in things generally - despite feeling pretty terrible for quite a lot of the time. You may find that a new focus on the good things in your life will keep you going. I hope so!

Jenny said...

Daytime telly, where would we be without it. We have a hard disk video recorder which we set every week to pick up all the stuff we're interested in, then we always have something to watch. I guess you have to have the decent programmes on in the first place though.

I don't suppose has anything worth watching does it?

karen goodgie said...

melissa, I hope as you read this that your feeling better every day and your recovery is going well! We,(yes we you & I) at the age we are,:) (Up there!) Do try the old “when I was 18 trick “ with our health, (been there ). I wanted to write back in April, I want you to know that the reason I love your blog, is because it’s NOT about trans—issues so much as about a WONDERFUL PERSON that has told the world I’m different than other people, and I’m proud, to be whom I am!. I hope you understand, that I enjoy hearing about, spring in Virginia, the flowers and the whether etc. and the self sufficiency you have. I’m sure, you are itching to get back home.
When you, if you, ever, blog about trans--- issues again, remember, this is MELISSA'S MEANDERINGS so you can monderate the comments, YOU DO NOT NEED TO “PUBLISH” EVERY VULGAR, RUDE, COMMENT (or any). don't get all hot oversome “MY WAY OR THE HYWAY “ COMMENT. There are a lot TWISTED HEADS out there that don’t have a clue about the issues, but sure can act like they are the Authority in answers. This blog is to be about YOU. Your enjoyment of PBS, the Virginia countryside, and your life in general from your eyes. I want to know and hear of your enjoyment of and future. I like sitting at your kitchen just talking (shooting the breeze) Use this blog to discuss how great your life is. It's (really) great to know your (now) lifestyle. Good health ahead!!

karen goodgie said...

sorry, I missing
I like sitting at your kitchen TABLE just talking. After I've recieved a hot cup of tea, I've feel THAT welcome reading your blog. A good (but long distance) friend!

Dru Marland said...

Having dumped the telly a few years ago, I'm now asking 'do I really need the radio on?' to which the answer is usually 'no'. But then we usually have bird song to hear, here.

They did a remake of The Railway Children with Jenny Agguter as the mother instead of Bobby; it was good, but it was hard not to think that the original was about as perfect as could be. Do you know the film, or the book? I've been re-reading Nesbit lately; she is a wonderful writer.

It's funny sitting in with a scarily bad driver, isn't it? Especially when you love them and don't want to say anything, especially not the AAARGH that keeps trying to get out....

Terry said...

My mom is 90 also. Hid her car keys from her to protect her and others. You might consider that option.