Saturday, March 12, 2011

Whew! I Thought I Had Been Exiled!

Imagine that! Being suddenly and surreptitiously disconnected from all those you hold most dear! What had I done to deserve this awful fate?

For those who do not know yet, yesterday, I logged into my Gmail account, and was given a message informing me, that my account had been disabled, due to "suspicious activity". Suspicious activity? What in the world does that mean? It gave me a page full of optons, so I pondered them. At first I wondered, had I violated some obscur term of agrement, and offended the delicate sensibilities of the Google hierarchy? Then I thought, no........nothing on my blog coud even come close to some of the risqué stuff I have seen on countless other blogs. Not on any of your blogs of course......dear sweet innocent sisters! *wink*

I was given instructions to give them my wireless phone number, and they would text me a verification code, that I could reactivate my account with. Now like most internet troubleshooting problems, the instructions given to resolve issues were minimal and quite vague, leaving me to guess exactly what they meant. I have a Verizon wireless USB modem that I connect to the internet with. It has a designated phone number, and according to its on screen display, is capable of receiving text messages. So I submitted the phone number of my USB modem, thinking I would get a text message displayed in the modem's window, but no! I got nothing. I tried again, with the same result, and again, and again, and again, but to no avail. Soon frustration began to set in. I was upset! Through no fault of my own, I was totally disconnected from the outside world, and I deeply resented who or whatever caused it. I decided to take a break, and have some lunch. While eating my cup of chicken gumbo, and ham and cheese sandwich, I thought........let's try my regular cell phone number after lunch, maybe that will work. So after lunch, I typed in my cell phone number, and within 30 seconds, my phone buzzed! I flipped it open (Yes......dinosaur that I am, I still have a flip phone!) and lo and behold, there was a text message with my verification code! Suddenly my spirits were lifted!

I typed the verification code into my laptop, and hit the send button, and voilà! There I was! Just like Dorothy clicking her heels two times and saying,"There's no place like home!", I was home again! Immediately I ran to say hello to Auntie really! After all I was in Virginia, and Auntie Em was four states away in Kansas, but it was still good to be home, and in touch again!

I've been watching the Virginia State Highschool basketball championships.......both boys and girls......on the TV, with the sound turned off, and simultaneously listening to the grand works of Mahler. Oddly, the heroics on the court, blended remarkably well with the 4th movement of Mahler's Symphony #2; In Tempo des Scherzos. Then again, maybe the wine was just that good, and horrors of horrors, even P-Diddy, or God forbid, Usher would have sounded as good while watching the kids play! I hope not! If that's the case, then please rush me into re-hab!

I've enjoyed what I've seen. I used to play B-ball in both high school, and in the Army, and for a time after the Army, in pickup games on public courts. It really is a great game, that keeps you fit, but it's no game for old timers. Too much wear and tear on the feet and joints, plus you lose speed as you age, and you can't keep up with the more athletic youngsters. And for those who think that B-ball is just for men, it's not. I've played in pickup games, where I was being guarded by an athletic young woman, who had no qualms whatsoever of laying her shoulder into me, to drive to the hoop, or leaning her back into me while I was playing in the post post position. I have nothing but admiration for such young athletic females.

In Jenny's blog today, She talked about walking past a group of seemingly harmless teenagers, and even though she describes the image that she often presents to the world, as that of a scruffy bloke, she still felt vulnerable to the possibility of their hurtful adolescent jabs, proving that this rough exterior that many of us non-transitioners carry, is but a thin veil, that we wear to bluff our way through this world of hurt. Jenny sweetie, I know where you are coming from! You have my heart, dear. As I said on your blog, The girl inside, is a lot more vulnerable, than the scruffy male exterior would suggest.

Melissa XX


Anonymous said...

I went through the same thing with Google a couple days ago. My blog disappeared! I found out about it thanks to Halle. I got the same message abougt suspicious activity, and I went through the same procedure with the mobile phone. I have only the one mobile phone, so that's the number I gave them, and I was back on the air quickly. No idea why it happened. Since it happened to you as well, maybe it's something funky on Google's end of things.

Melissa said...


I noticed a weird email in my inbox, so I was suspicious and followed Googles options. I found out that Google suspected the author of spamming, via hacked email addresses, so I deleted the email without opening it, and changed my password to a much more secure one.

I now have a much more secure email address, at least that's what Google says. I appreciate their vigilance, It's far better than hotmail, which allows all kinds of phishing expeditions to come through, and relies on it's customers to report them.

Melissa XX

Jenny said...

There but for the grace of God etc...

I must register for their enhanced security too. I've drunk the Google Kool-aid but I've had a wariness of giving them my mobile number. Which is silly really, considering my phone runs Android and is thus registered with them anyway.

Thanks for your understanding, and for the link. I did feel a little foolish once I had passed them.

Stace said...

Well I'm glad you got your account back anyway!

Though I tend to be with Jenny when it comes to giving out my number to Google. I wonder if it's an English thing :)


Teagan said...

I still have a flip phone. And my occupation? Technology consultant. Haha. The Luddite technology consultant.

I bet that watching basketball with some Wagner in the background would work well, too.

Halle said...

Hmm, I have often pondered the situation of 'dropping off the face of the virtual world', but it never occurred to me it might be caused by not having a mobile phone.

Perhaps I should say goodbye now to all of you, just in case! :( It was great getting to know you all!

Don't worry, if it happens, I will find a way!!! :)

Glad to see you back in action Melissa!


Caroline said...

So you have found less innocent stuff than we post?... What is Melissa up to?

I have tried "flipping" my phone, when I found it, how is it done? Mine stays absolutely solid and there does not seem to be any way of taking a photograph, where am I going wrong?

Wondered why you were a bit quiet.

Caroline xxx

Amy K. said...

Melissa, I have a flip phone, and I got it less than a year ago. It was one of those free upgrades. I do prefer flip phones, but wow those Blackberries and iPhones sure do look cool, huh?

I had no idea you could have a text message sent to a modem. (???)

Oh, and last but not least, this nonsense is going around. A friend of mine uses Gmail, and the same thing happened to her. I also had some spammy message sent from my email to a bunch of folks in my address book. I wouldn't have known if one of them didn't write me and tell me what happened. It was the same friend I mentioned who uses Gmail! I changed my password and now all is well. :)

I'm glad you're back! :)

Lisa Maria said...

I am glad we didnt lose you!

It does worry me though how easily we all could become lost with an incident like this.

I have to say I am with the other Brit's as there is no way I would give my mobile number to google.


Caroline said...

How do you give out a number which you don't know in the first place!?

I hate trying to use these things unless I am in a closed room by myself.

Caroline xxx

Elly said...

Melissa, I'm glad to see that we didn't lose a voice of reason here in the 'stan.

Hugs, Elly