Sunday, March 27, 2011

Does A Plate Of Nachos Constitute A Balanced Meal?

You've got your whole grain corn chips, vegetables, including onions, peppers, tomatoes, and garlic, although some would argue those are not vegetables at all, but fruits instead, and then you have your protein based dairy products, like cheese, and sour cream. In my case however, I substitute low fat yogurt for sour cream.

It certainly is a satisfying meal, although some would claim that it is essentially junk food.

I had nachos for supper last night. Does that make me a bad girl?

Melissa XX


Stace said...

When you list it like that it doesn't sound too bad :) I suppose it's a question of how much cheese...

But either way, it looks great!

Hope you enjoyed it!


Lucy Melford said...

I'd say yum, and don't worry, just enjoy, if this is a once-a-weeker only. It's certainly a mouth-watering sight!


Caroline said...

Far from bad with roughage and vitamins, nachorally you have to watch the calories in the chips!

Should I give up food snaps now?

Caroline xxx

Jenny said...

No. It doesn't make you a bad girl.

It does however make you a bad girl for telling us. Damn you, now I want nachos too! :)

Kathryn Dumke said...

Hoping that this a photo of your plate, it looks absolutely delicious. Nachos are not junk food, unless you get the terrible stuff at the movies.

You might want to move the time of eating them up to earlier in the day (lunch) and have the lunch salad at suppertime.

And, who isn't a bad girl sometimes.

Halle said...

The big shift that has allowed sweetie and I to keep food sanity is to allow ourselves these sorts of luxuries (and yes, that plate of nachos does look very tempting!) but be aware that having done that, we need to also eat moderately to balance it out.

Trying to be 'good' all the time just leads to binges and that is definitely bad for us.


Anonymous said...

Seems you're in luck Melissa. It doesn't matter what form of Tex-Mex your food takes, the ingredients are always the same...meat, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, some form of corn/flour, and peppers.

What's strange is that, of all the Mexicans I have met or know (a LOT), none of them seem to care for the Tex-Mex "stuff" Americans eat.

Not only that, I haven't met but a couple that likes hot/spicy food. One guy that works for us HATES peanut Now THERE'S a health food I really get into.

Halle said...

Ah, peanut butter... around here we refer to it as "The Staff of Life". :)

Leslie Anne said...


You are a naughty, bad, girl!


Stephanie said...

Not near as bad as me eating my Whooper meal yesterday! LOL ....sigh, so much for the diet.

Angel said...

Does A Plate Of Nachos Constitute A Balanced Meal?

Only if you wash it down with a beer... though perhaps "well-rounded" would be a better term, as in you'll end up well-rounded if you keep eating like that. LOL

Melissa said...

@ Stace

The more cheese, the merrier! I think that's where I was a bad girl! At least I substitute yogurt for sour cream.

@ Lucy

I'm afraid it's a once a nighter, until the corn chip and salsa run out! Oh, I am a bad girl!

@ Caroline

Nachorally???? Trying to be punny, eh?
If by food snaps, you mean anything like ginger snaps, it would be a tragedy to give them up!

@ Jenny

Sorry to be your temptress, but your will to resist, must be tested!

@ Kathryn Martin

Yuk to the stuff at the movies, or the ball park! I got nachos at a baseball game once, and they were nothing but warmed up Cheese Whiz over corn chips, with a few jalapeƱo slices tossed on top.

@ Halle

Eating lean and healthy is good, but we have to indulge our senses occasionally.

@ Suzi

When I was still working at the chemical plant, we had a lot of Mexicans working as asbestos abatement workers for Brown & Root Construction. They used to come to the plant cafeteria for lunch, and from what I saw, their favorite food was fried chicken.

@ LeAnne

Oh joy! I always wanted to be a bad girl!

@ Stephanie

Whopper? Yum! I haven't had one in ages. I don't know if you have Bullets or not in Arkansas, but they serve up another sinful burger pleasure!

@ Angel

But that's just the trouble sweetie, I'm already becoming a "well-rounded" gastronome!

Melissa XX

Amy K. said...

Ooooh, yum! I will admit that I indulge in the nachos way too often. So I'm super-naughty! Garlic, though? Hmmm. I've never had that on my nachos. Gotta have refried beans though. I buy the fat-free ones, and yes, lite sour cream. Of course, salsa is always fat free as well. But once you take out the fat, the sodium seems to always increase. I get hella thirsty after eating a plate like this.