Thursday, December 2, 2010

All Is Well Here In The Piedmont

All quiet on the East Coast tonight. I survived the passing of the cold front last night, with no tornados, and just a bit of wind and rain. A line of severe weather passed through at about 3:00 AM last night, and some high winds blew out power lines in the county just west of here. As a result, the power went out at about 3:15 AM, and stayed out for about four hours. That used to leave me incommunicado, but with this new Macbook, battery power keeps me going, even when the power goes out! Four hours later when the power came back on, I still had half of my battery reserve left.

The temperature at this time last night, was 62° F, and right now it's 30°F, and is expected to descend into the mid 20's tonight. 30-40 degree temperature shifts within a 24 hour period are not uncommon here, but they do create havoc. Now that winter is setting in, that should happen less, but we've been know to have volatile weather like this into January. I didn't get to bed until after 7:00 AM yesterday moring, but who cares? I'm retired! It just seemed a little bit strange, eating breakfast at 1:30 PM!

For those of you who remember Helen Chapel, she is back blogging again, after a lengthy absence. She is a very sweet girl, and I'm sure she would love to hear from you. You can link to her blog here.

It's been so nice to get all of the comments and emails of support recently. I don't like to get into arguments with people, especially over gender issues, but sometimes you just have to stand up for what you know in your heart is right, regardless of what even some dear friends might think. Frankly I'd rather not even discuss these things, but it seems to be the obsession of some here lately. I'm going to try and avoid these sorts of discussions from now on, because they only serve to drive a wedge between us, and especially some of those we hold dear. This is something that obsessed interlopers don't understand. What we have in common, has always far outweighed that which separates us. How tragic, that some would divy us up, for their own self interests.

Let me make something perfectly clear. I don't believe in orthodoxy. Never have, and never will. You are all my sisters, and I have nothing but the greatest love and respect for all of you, regardless of where you sit on the gender spectrum. I will always take offense at anyone, who judges, belittles, or demeans you in any way, shape or form, either by direct verbal assault, or more obliquely, through sarcasm. None of you deserve that kind of disrespect.

Well, here I am, up until after 3:00 AM again! I suppose that's the consequence of not getting up until after 1:00 PM, but what the hell? I'm retired, and I don't have to get up at the bell anymore! So, hurrah for that!

Thinking sweet thoughts of all of you! (Well..........most all of you, anyway! I'm only human after all!)

Melissa XX


Two Auntees said...

"I will always take offense at anyone, who judges, belittles, or demeans you in any way, shape or form, either by direct verbal assault, or more obliquely, through sarcasm. None of you deserve that kind of disrespect."

I couldn't agree with you more on where you stand with sister's and brothers. And I will take every chance I get to stand before a class or group of people to tell my story. How it is my story but how it is so similar to the stories of other trans people. They need to meet us and take a chance to know us. I do this for myself, my wife, for you and for all my brothers and sister who sit on the gender fence.

Natasha said...

How tragic, that some would divy us up, for their own self interests

I agree completely, Melissa. The one thing that always puzzles me, however, is just what those interests might be? If it were just a philosophical discussion (and, as Socrates could have attested to, sometimes those can get a bit out of control), I could maybe understand. But sometimes the way people go about it is just so over the top that I cannot help to wonder why they have spent so much energy on it.

I'm very happy for you that no twisters touched down and that all is well. I'm also jealous that you can do as you will when you will. That sounds lovely.


Amy K. said...

I'm glad you're well, and that no storms have adversely affected you in any way. As far as the storm going on here in the blogosphere, it stinks. Stinks of bull... ah, ca-ca! That's right, that's exactly what I was going to write, hehe!

"Those who matter, don't mind... and those who mind, don't matter." Keep on keepin' on. *hugs* :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Melissa
Glad your OK and missed the tornadoes. Breakfast at 1:30pm and sleep at 3:00am..why not! I love the idea of it. It touches a chord with my unconventional heart. Have fun with it as I'm sure you will.

As for the judgements or subliminal negatives from brothers and sisters I agree with you whole heartedly.

Thank you for the link and kind mention. Good to be back with you.
Helen xxx

Calie said...

I'm glad the tornadoes passed you by, Melissa. Nice post and thanks for the link to Helen's blog.

Calie xxx

whyguys said...


Was just about to comment on your blog, but this really attractive young woman I picked up recently seems insatiable and cannot leave her hands off me....

WAIT... what the ... there are tentacles now protruding from her breasts... and her mouth is stretching and widening... those teeth are horren....

Melissa, please forgive my last... I mean my present boyfriend's hysterical ranting, they... er... he always react that way after CONSUMMATION (BUUUURRRP!!!)