Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Are You An Idolater?

I am! Now, I'm not speaking of kneeling before the golden calf. If I ever do that, you can come and put me in a straight jacket! No, I'm speaking of the pop TV show, American Idol. They are still in the process of separating the wheat from the chaff, but this year's show promises to showcase some pretty serious talent, if the contestants can only refrain from attempting to guild the lilly, as they have been so want to do in many seasons past. It appears that the worst offenders have been weeded out, so we shall see. After all, it takes more than pretentious vocal gymnastics to become the next American Idol.

Up to 65°F tomorrow, and 75°F on Friday! WTF? Has mother nature suddenly reverted from cruel bitch mode, and and taken pity on our poor suffering souls? What a fickle mistress she is! Give me one good reason why I should have any respect for her above any other deity? My view of deities is like that of the mischievous Greek gods, cruelly toying with us for their own pleasure. Who needs them?

On a somber heart is with CBS journalist, Lara Logan tonight, as she lays in a US hospital, recovering from a brutal beating, and sexual assault by a gang of despicable, ignorant, misogynistic thugs in Egypt this week, while covering the pro-democracy protests for her network. She will get over the bruises, but will she ever recover from the emotional trauma? Her experience highlights the dangers that all foreign correspondents must endure to send stories home from around the world, but especially the dangers faced by women reporting from countries where women are still treated with little more respect than slaves.

A moment ago, I was in my master bathroom, taking a pee (Shouldn't that be leaving a pee? Who would actually want to take a pee?), and even though it is after midnight, through the skylight, I could hear the Canada Geese on the pond out back, making a commotion. What could be disturbing them? Is there a fox, coyote, or bobcat prowling the bank? The geese tend to stay in the water, far from the shore, for their own protection. After all....long fanged predators, who would love nothing more than to dine on fat succulent gooseflesh, await there stupid mistakes.

But then the darker side of my imagination kicks in, and I begin to wonder if some murderous psychopath has escaped from the prison farm on the southern edge of the county, and stealthily made his way here to my wooded neighborhood to murder me. But now, the geese and the neighborhood dogs are all calm, so hopefully, any convicts on the prowl have moved on.

Melissa XX


Dru Marland said...

No, I'm a busylater... talking idols, though, a local joke from here in Bristol, where folk are prone to adding L's to words (thus "Africal's a malarial areal...")- about three sisters called Evil, Idle and Normal.

LeAnne said...

I am an idol hater.

Mother nature has a sense of humor here as well. Up until yesterday, the temps had reached as high as 64! Lovin it! Then in a matter of about six hours. Clouds, rain, hail, snow, and then the sun came out! I have awaken to find snow covering the ground this am.

And by the way, what you do in the bathroom should remain, in the bathroom. TMI!!! lol

Two Auntees said...

I do not watch "Idol", too much to do. We did get DirectTV but during the day I listen to classical music and there is so many evening occupied by music rehearsals. Am now rehearsing a requiem which will be performed with organ and the combined college choirs.

Anonymous said...

I'm an Idol fan too Melissa. I just wish they'd go ahead and cut that chubby little kid that can't really sing...J.C. I think you're right...the talent is very impressive this year.

I agree that those men who assulted Lara Logan ARE despicable, ignorant and misogynistic, but while they were assaulting her they all were shouting "Jew! Jew!..."

The Sweet Echo Jones said...

My first year of truly watching...I'm a fool for Stephen Tyler.

Calie said...

Taking a pee? Leaving a pee? Girl, you crack me up! (in a good way)