Friday, February 4, 2011

I Just Finished Watching The Tudors Tonight

Whoever said there was nothing worth watching on television, never saw The Tudors. I just finished watching the final season, and it was one of the best series I have ever seen on TV, bar none.

Even though Henry VIII was portrayed by Jonathan Rhys Meyers as more of a young rock star, than the portly potentate that he truly was, it was still great television. The cinema-photography was nothing less than stunning. The costumes, and especially the dresses worn by Henry's Queens and their maids, were absolutely gorgeous! The script was wonderful, and the acting.....? Nothing short of superb!

The series pulled no punches for the sake of political correctness, and there were several scenes in the Tower and on the gallows, that brought me to outright fits of weeping, over man's inhumanity to fellow man. How in the world was it ever conceived as just, to hang, draw, and quarter someone in front of a crowd, or burn them at the stake, let alone to torture them unmercifully in a dungeon beforehand, in order to draw out a confession? Sadly, there are still those unenlightened ones among us, who wouldn't hesitate, out of allegiance to their country or cause, to do similar things to their perceived enemies today.

The Tudors is a series well worth watching. If you are so inclined, you can buy all four seasons at If so, it will be money well worth spent.

Melissa XX

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