Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Contemplating Hirsuteness

I've always thought it should be called hairsuitness. The word comes from the Latin hirsutus, but having absolutely no understanding of Latin, I can't say for sure that that isn't the original meaning. After all, isn't it a natural suit of hair worn by it's victims? I say victims, because from my point of view, hairiness is a curse, but I'm sure there are many, mostly males I would think, who take pride in their woolliness.

Since I became ill, I've been living with my mother in Richmond, because it's closer to my doctors and because I really couldn't expect people to make an 80 mile round trip just to give me a ride to my appointments. Mom knows I'm trans, but at 90 years old, she just doesn't understand the depth of the condition, and thinks it's just some kind of occasional quirk that needs to be satisfied. She has never accepted that I have a female brain, and will always think of me as her son. Consequently, she has never met, let alone known the real me, and likely never will. She doesn't even know of the existence of this blog. So for the last month and a half I have been living completely in male mode. It doesn't bother me all that much, because my mind is concentrated on doing all that I can to survive the cancer that has invaded my body. I'm sure the anti-depressant medication I'm taking helps too.

The one thing that does bother me though, is the return of my body hair. It's been nearly two months since I last epliated, and and I'm becoming increasingly wooly. I thought of having my sister drive me out to my house to retrieve my epilator, but I know it would create a stir with my mother. For one thing, her bathroom is tiny, and when I say tiny, I mean I bumped my head on the door knob, while bending over to pull my pants back up after getting off the toilet! It also does not have an electrical outlet. Epilators are messy too, in that they propel yanked out hairs in every direction. Even if I did have a place to plug it in, I would have to take up the rugs, and thoroughly sweep or vacuum the floor each time I epilated, and I'm just not up for that kind of effort right now. Then too, I have my cancer medication to think about. Side effects of the medication, which ironically do not include loss of body hair, do include dry flakey skin, rashes, and even the possible occurrence of other forms of skin cancer. I'm not sure that epilation would be a very wise thing to do while undergoing treatment, given the possibility of ingrown hairs becoming infected.

So, as High Priestess of the Order of the Immaculate Epilation, you can imagine my shame. I have confessed to dear Sister Caroline, that I have become a disgrace to our order, and am now contemplating self flagellation as a penance for my sin. She is praying for my lost soul. I beg you to do the same.

Your hirsute sister,
Melissa XX


Caroline said...

I consider your sufferings, plural, to be penance enough. The wooly shame must be a load to bear so risking further skin damage by whipping, no matter how much pleasure this would give you, is not recommended at this time.

Fear not, the first session once you recover the holy instrument shall provide sufficient penance I am sure.

May this pain be soon!

Caroline XX

Anonymous said...

Can you shave in the shower? I do. :)Suzi

Kathryn Martin said...

If you are like me, than having body hair is one of the worst curses of testosterone. While it has lightened considerably, shaving body hair and epilate once a months to thin out the hair and lighten it too.

Shave, love, it will make you feel better and will promote better healing. For moisturizing your skin I recommend Wala Cosmetics, they are organically grown plant based, very mild cosmetices, which will not affect your skin in any way (they contain 0 carcinogenics and promote healing) at least for the time being. You should get them in any good Drugmart that carries high end cosmetics.

Stephanie said...

Taking care of all unwanted hair was one thing that I still do even in my state of .....well, maledom?...or somewhere in between. I'm getting back to where I was, slowly but certain.

Hope your doing well


Kay & Sarah said...

Just take your medicine and get well, Ya Hear Girl!!!!

I think i know what an inconvenience it must be for Melissa to live with your mother, but it does makes good sense to be as close to your drs. as you can.

We will be keeping you in our thoughts!

Cynthia said...

Please know this Melissa, I haven't stopped praying for you and the doctors treating you. We all want you back with us in all your glory, and unhirsutness. Continue to get well and many hugs.

Becca said...

Hair hair hair - not really welcome anywhere except on your head. I am sure tgat you will be forgiven though !

I hope that you are otherwise not feeling too fed up