Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hang On For The Ride Of Your Life

Stay with this video, its worth it. It's a video of the Space Shuttle booster rocket separation, and return to Earth. There is a point in the video where it blacks out for a short period, but the picture comes back and it's a spectacular ending.

Melissa XX


Anonymous said...

That was great.
Thank you for posting it.

Stace said...

Wow, that was stunning!

And the parachutes at the end looked like giant jellyfish desending from the sky. Beuatiful.


Rachel said...

Thank you Melissa for posting this. Fantastic.

I loved the sound, how silent it is when you leave the atmosphere and then how it gradually builds as it falls back.

"In space, no one can hear you scream"

Rachel XXX

Melissa said...

@ Jenny

Thanks, it was pretty cool. Imagine taking that ride for real!


You are so perceptive! Someone else (on the board I stole this from) described the parachutes as resembling jelly fish too!

@ Stace

Well Stace, it's a good that no one can hear you scream, because, just like the proverbial little piggy, I would have been squealing all the way home!

Melissa XX

Melissa said...

@ Rachel

I'm so sorry, sweetie! I attributed your comment about screaming in space to Stace! That's what I get for staying up all night!

Melissa XX

Lucy Melford said...

Hmmm. It didn't seem like a high-tech way of getting home. And it sounded like being in a not-so-stout tin can!

Ditching in the sea...? Not even a runway landing?

But I still enjoyed the experience!


Lady Jane said...

I sure am going to miss the beauty and majesty of the space shuttle. What a remarkable machine.

Caroline said...

Humans seem to have given up on the spectacular stuff like Concorde, space shuttle and short holiday breaks on the moon. All still a bit crude in the end but with a strange beauty. Is there any where that has not had a camera strapped on now?

Space programme gave us velcro which could be stuck on the base of track balls but I bet you knew that.

Caroline xxx