Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Spent The Day In A Dress

I don't often do that, preferring to wear jeans, shorts, capris or skirts most of the time, but as soon as I got out of bed today, I instantly knew that I wanted to wear my red plaid, button front, sleeveless dress, with the empire waist and scoop neck.

I love the the way a dress feels! I feel so free when wearing one!

I've got the TV on, but I really wasn't paying attention to it. Instead I was surfing the web, but suddenly while writing this post, I looked up to find two men brawling inside of a cage! One looked like a Hispanic fellow, while the other looked like a pasty white guy, who resembled Carrot Top! They rolled around and pummeled each other for a while, and I think the Hispanic guy won, but I'm not sure, since I really wasn't paying much attention.

Well..........actually the Hispanic guy didn't win after all. They just went to commercial, so I thought the match was over. Turns out that Carrot Top is actually dominating the Hispanic Guy, maintaining a position over him, and pounding him in the head! What sort of men actually want to get inside of a cage, and beat the hell out each other? I certainly wouldn't want to do it! While I find it somewhat fascinating to watch, I could never imagine myself doing that in a million years!

How about a little bit of Babs tonight? Especially for those of you who are feeling a bit down:

Melissa XX


Anonymous said...

So, you're not a fan of Ultimate Fighting? I know exactly what you mean though. When you come across it while flipping channels or whatever, it's kind of like trying to ignore a train wreck or a pile-up on the freeway. All I can say is that those guys have WAYYYY more testosterone than I do. I can honestly say I've never been in a fist fight...ever. I had a couple of close calls but they backed down, not me. They knew how naturally strong I was, even if I was not an experienced fighter.

When I'm flipping channels, the one that always makes me stop and watch is "What Not To Wear" I love that show, and I've actually learned a lot from it...not about Ultimate Fighting though...but about what kind of dress would look best on my body type. Now THAT'S some great viewing and information that I can use.

Veronica said...

Since our house isn't air conditioned, during the nice weather I've been pretty much living in sun dresses. used to be a T-shirt and crop jeans or shorts girl in the summer, but this summer I didn't even buy more tops. Just sun dresses in Hawaii. :)

Two Auntees said...

Yea, Love my sun dresses, wear them most of the time.

Calie said...

Would you believe I have never worn a dress? Well, in my intense period of crossdressing prior to age 10, in my mother's closet I did put on a few.

As I have often said, the dressing thing is not a big part of what I'm about. Replace the original manufacturer equipment and then I'll be ready for the dress....

Calie xxx