Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

Like any girl, I want to have pretty skin. I try to avoid the sun as much as possible, because over the years it was doing damage, that wasn't readily apparent while it was happening. Only years later, did I start noticing the development of brown spots, and other discolorations. Those discolorations became even more noticeable, to me at least, when I started to remove my body hair, and especially the hair on my arms. When I look at my arms now, and compare them with memories of what they looked like thirty years ago, I want to cry. So I found it especially uplifting when I went to my mother's for dinner yesterday, and while commenting on my lack of a tan, she said, "Even your arms are white. I wish I had nice arms like yours. Mine look terrible."

Like all things, beauty is relative. Here I thought my skin was getting old and decrepit looking, but to my poor wrinkled 88 year old mother, I have skin to be envied. Envied! I'm such lucky girl! ;)


Anonymous said...

I can relate to this,but this spring I have been stupid about it, probably because I have had to work outside everyday.

I should wear a hat and cover myself up but I hate being hot so I take everything off.

The result will be a nice tan, but also some skin damage. In addition..I will have to change my foundation to match my darker skin tone.

Melissa said...

Hi Linda! I'm new to these blogs too, and tried to post a comment on your blog yesterday, but for some reason, it wouldn't allow me to. I've had that problem with a few other bogs, including Leslie Ann's. I think it may have something to do with the way each person has their blog settings. It seems I can only post a comment when the settings allow a pop up window for posting comments.

I was going to sympathize with your septic system problems. I have a septic system too, but thankfully have never had a problem with it, even though I have only added Riddex to it one or two times in 16 years. (Knock on wood! :)) I certainly didn't envy you having to go out in the yard and dig all those holes! I was so glad to hear you were able to resolve your problem at a minimal cost. Thank you for posting your comment! It's always nice to make new freinds. :)


Anonymous said...

As someone that has virtually lived out in the sun for over 50 years, I understand the fear it generates these days. I felt lucky that most of my work has been indoors for the past 10 years or so, with intermittent periods of outdoor work. For some time now, when I've been forced to be out in the sun for extended periods, I've started using SPF 80 from Neutrogena.

All that said though, newer research indicates that Americans are very lacking in Vitamin D. As we slather on the sunscreen, and avoid any sun exposure, we are robbing our bodies of one of the most underrated vitamins...D3. D3 actually is a hormone that affects something like 3000 different functions in our body. This same research says that, in order to reach our minimum daily requirement of D3, we would have to expose 40% of our body to direct sun for 20 minutes. This creates about 20,000 units of D3 on the skin which, unfortunately, takes about 48 hours to be absorbed into our bodies. So...don't take a shower for two days after getting your daily requirement of sun exposure...lol. VitD3 is very active in maintaining healthy cells...including the skin. VitD from regular milk is virtually useless as it gets bound up in the fat somehow and is not absorbed efficiently. Vit D supplementation is possible but not as perfect and naturally done as sun exposure. We need both UVA and UVB rays. UVB is the one that creates the Vit D and UVA is the one that regulates its production, preventing overproduction. It's still important to avoid sunburn as this is the real risk factor for skin cancer...I know from personal experience. I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from my shoulder last year about this time. As a kid, I used to get water blisters from sun overexposure all the time...you know, like playing baseball for 10 hours straight at the school grounds...then going swimming for half a day, etc...lol.

Even after 50 years of much sun exposure, my wife still looks at me and marvels that I have hardly any sign of wrinkles. I'm kinda lazy about moisturizing, but I do exfoliate on a fairly regular basis.

If you would like some links about Vit D I can send them. I'd sure do some research though...Americans are badly deficient in VitD. I have a link to a one hour video about VitD if anyone is interested.

Thanks for your comment Melissa. I'm always happy to find a new friend to follow. BTW...you look wonderful and wayyyyy too young to be retired...lol. In my line of work, I'll have to work till the day I die. :)Suzi

Boy About Town LB said...

Envied! I wanna be envied! Ah Melissa you are a lucky girl! I am glab to have found your blog. I am going to put sunblock on right now! lol

Melissa said...


Thanks for the compliment. Fortunately, my picture isn't showing my wattle! LOL!