Wednesday, June 17, 2009

OK, Enough Is Enough!

I'm talking about rain. We seem to have undergone some sort of localized climate change here in Virginia. For the last two months, we haven't had more than two or three consecutive days without rain. Lately, it's been raining nearly every day. The grass has been too wet to cut, parts of the yard have become veritable mud holes, the trees have gone through such a tremendous growth spurt, that my satellite dish needs to be moved again to get a decent signal, and the siding has so much mildew growing on it, that a herd of slugs have taken to grazing on it. Top it off with the fact that I have a leaky skylight, and you can understand why I've had enough. I'm ready for some sunshine, even if it means 90+∘days. Besides, I want an excuse to wear my new shorts, sandals and pretty pin tuck sleeveless tops!

I went to the dentist today for my six month check up. I had rescheduled it twice, and my dental hygienist rescheduled it once too, so it was long overdue. My hygienist said my teeth and gums looked very good, but she was concerned with one little spot on the margin of an old filling. Sure enough, when the dentist looked at it, he said there was a small bit of decay under the filling, and it would have to be replaced. So next Tuesday afternoon, I'll have to go back and get a new filling. I don't mind the drilling. It's just that it's an eighty mile round trip to my dentist, and then half of my face will be numb for five or six hours afterward. I'll have to make sure to wear a bib, when I eat dinner that evening, so I don't slobber all over myself. I hope he uses a tooth colored composite. Slowly over time, I've been getting all of my old dark mercury amalgam fillings replaced with porcelain crowns, inlays, or tooth colored composites. It's greatly improved the look of my smile. I never did like looking like I was related to Jaws.


Elizabeth said...

I wonder how many people know to which "Jaws" you're referring ;)

p.s. I never did like many of the Roger Moore ones, how about you?

Melissa said...

I'm partial to the Sean Connery one's myself, but I've watched them all. Even the one with George Lazenby (On Her Majesty's Secret Service), which btw, was actually quite good.

I just love your picture. You look absolutely adorable! :)


Elizabeth said...

Thank you! I'm a Sean Connery girl, too... but I must admit that Daniel Craig is dreamy :)

Suzi said...

Melissa, you're probably going to hate me but I've never been to a dentist. I'm not sure why I have such good teeth, but I'm grateful. My siblings never went to dentists either. My brother went once just because his good friend at church persuaded him to. When his dentist friend looked at his teeth he was amazed. He said we must have been raised in an area where the drinking water was high in natural fluorides. I don't know...I just hope it continues the rest of my life. Now if I could just learn to

I've always wondered about the mercury amalgams. They say the mercury is inert in that form but I just don't know if I would trust it. I think you're doing the right thing, getting rid of them as you are able. :)Suzi

Melissa said...

Suzi, I think it's amazing that you have never been to a dentist! Over half the teeth in my head have either a filling, a crown, or an inlay. Most of my dental problems were from when I was young. I didn't have dental insurance then, so I didn't go to the dentist for a check up, from the time I graduated from high school, until I finally had a problem with an impacted tooth, in my early thirties. Then the dentist discovered years of neglected decays, and he went to town on my mouth. Since then, I've had several root canals and about a half a dozen crowns and dozen fillings. I think I've bought my dentist a boat or two. ;)

I used to work in a chemical plant before I retired. The small amount of mercury in my mouth, can't possibly compare to what I inhaled, absorbed, or ingested, for over a 37 years.