Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Think I Need To Start Wearing A Bib!

I'm such a slob! I can't seem to drink a glass of red wine, or a cup of coffee, without at least some of it winding up on my bodice. This always seems to happen, when I am wearing a brand new top for the first time. It's never a big splash mind you, just a nasty little drip here, or there. Just enough to be noticeable, and ruin the look of the garment. If I'm lucky, I will notice it before laundering, and know to pre-treat it. This usually, but not always takes out the stain. But many times, I don't notice it, until after I have washed the garment, and by then the stain is set. That's what happened today. I washed a new white summer, sleeveless tee, and when I pulled it out of the dryer to fold it, that's when I noticed the evil coffee stains. I cursed like a sailor! (I really need to learn to curb that hateful language, but after 60 years of gender frustration, it flows so easily. I often wonder if orchiectomy would calm that demon?) Granted, I only bought this top to to cut the grass in, but still it's so aggravating. Oh, well.....no big deal, life goes on.

On another note, I watched some of Michael Jackson's Memorial on TV today. I was big MJ fan, when he first ventured out on his own. I'll never forget his Billie Jean and Thriller videos. I thought he was so cool then! I even loved the way his physical appearance began to morph, at least at first. He actually reached a point in the mid to late eighties, where he had achieved a truly androgynous beauty. I knew he had to be a kindred spirit. Unfortunately, he wasn't satisfied, and continued his surgeries, until sadly, he finally resembled The Joker. By then I had long ago lost interest in Michael Jackson. I was particularly troubled by alligations of pedophillia. In spite of his acquital. I'm still not convinced he was innocent. Still, his death, and the circumstances surrounding it troubled me, and I couldn't help but feel empathy for this poor troubled soul.

I never thought I would shed a tear for Michael Jackson, but today I was move to tears. Especially by the sad innocent faces of his beautiful children. Michael, I hope you have finally found the peace that so elluded you in life. God love you child.



Lori D said...

I'm clumsy like that...like all the time. I could be called a slob I guess.

I cried when Jermaine sung at the memorial service, even though I thought the media provided too much of a circus for this.

caroline said...

Line 15, answer yes yes yes.

Never could swear but know that i am so calm now it is bliss. So calm I often look down at my speed when driving and am so far below the limit I no longer fear the tax gathering speed traps!

With you with Michael but did not watch.


Anonymous said...

Melissa we are kindred spirits. I too have a knack for spilling..especially while wearing a white top or pants. I believe that wearing white is a pleasure given to only few. I have had a few tops that only made a couple of appearances before they became unwearable.. And of course they were expensive and also had on the label "Do not machine wash". I machine washed them anyway..and they went into the Amvets bag. I often wonder if there is some girl out there wearing a trashed silk top?

I believe Michael Jackson was a transgendered individual who could not come to grips with it. Thanks for making that point also.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a slob...I'm not a slob...I'm not a slob. Maybe if I keep telling myself that, it will be true.

Caroline, be careful, you can also get a ticket for going TOO slow...lol.

I love wearing white, especially in the summer. There's nothing I enjoy more than wearing a pretty, white top while sipping coffee at Denny's. Oh yeah, and then trying to eat an egg with a runny yolk. Nothing like a yellow streak of cholesterol running down the front of your blouse...sheesh.

caroline said...

Don't often wear white, it takes so much care and cleaning but I succumbed to a pair of thin white calico trousers for smarter occasions on holiday. Didn't thing this out too well and arrived with only black underwear which was a terrible effect. My sister in law did not bat an eye when I asked for the loan of some of her whites.

I lay about the garden and beach plainly hairless now and softly starting to bulge in odd places, nobody asked a thing!