Saturday, July 4, 2009

Such Splendiferous Reports!

Ahh yes! Now I can hear them! Down by the pond! Neighbors celebrating the 4th of July! Bottle rockets! Lady fingers! M-80's, cherry bombs and ash cans! Of course they're all totally illegal, but who cares? It's Independence Day! Besides, we're all way out in the country, and the county Sheriff's Dept. has better things to do, than to comb the county, looking for residents lighting off fireworks on America's Independence Day.

So, my girlfriends, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! And that goes for all you Brits too. No hard feelings. :) I mean after all, it's been over 200 years! ;)



Anonymous said...

Didn't see this blog till after I posted to your previous one. BUT...everything I said still applies here too ;)

Thanks for your service!! I'm glad you live in an area where you don't get harassed by the "locals." It's been so dry here that I'm surprised they don't have a total ban on fireworks this year.


chrissie said...

Over 200 years?

It seems just like yesterday....