Sunday, July 26, 2009


Sigh........I have to switch back to being a boy tomorrow. Every Monday evening I have to go to my mother's for dinner. I don't mind going, because it's the only day of the week that I get to see my two sisters. I just hate having to go in boy mode.

I had such a relaxing week. I gave myself a fresh new pedi, and painted my toenails with L'Oreal After Hours. I just love red toenail polish! I can go without polish on my fingernails, but I have to wear toenail polish.

I also got a new wig this week, the one I'm wearing in the picture above. It's from Paula Young's Jaclyn Smith collection. (Can you believe how gorgeous she still looks, at 64?). It's called Kris. The color is Coffee Latte, and the color number is B12-28. I'm sorry these pictures aren't very good. It's really too dark in this room for my computer cam. One of these days, I'm going to break down and buy a real digital camera.

Oh! I also got this absolutely adorable little blue Swiss dot blouse this week. I love it! Here is a better picture of it, but it's really closer to the color in my picture.


Melissa said...

Sorry the link for the blouse didn't work. Try pasting this address into your address bar if you want to see it:


Stephanie said...

I understand being forced to go to boy mode very well. Pre-transition, on Monday mornings when I had to remove all my make-up so I could go to work, it felt like a dark cloud would come over me until I could put it back on after work on Friday. After 32 yrs that cycle finally became too much for me. I pray I never have to do it again, as I fear it would be too much for me to endure.

Lori D said...

You know Melissa, your poses and the looks you show us here are striking. You are most definitely a very beautiful woman, and I'm glad you've stepped more into the online world. I may not always comment but I follow along in my Reader as often as I can.
*big smiles*

Melissa said...

@ Lori D

Thank you Lori! Coming from you, that truly means a lot to me.


Leslie Ann said...

Oh, I've had my eye on the Jaclyn Smith collection. When I was being fitted for my wig, I told the store owner, Pamela, that I wanted to grow up to look like Jaclyn Smith, just like every red-blooded American boy.

I honestly believe that the hardest part of girl-mode is leaving it.

alan said...

You are far too lovely to ever have to change for anyone...may there come a day when you can be "you" and share that beauty with the world!


Anonymous said...

Yes Leslie, Jaclyn Smith is great. But my latest heartthrob...wannabelike, is Catherine Zeta Jones. Her hair is to die for.

Melissa, you look wonderful! It's very hard for me to even imagine you looking like a guy. I have to put on that boy face at least 5 days a week, and sometimes more. After a weekend of being me, it's very, very hard to take my nails and makeup off.

Yes'm oozing with empathy today. :)Suzi