Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Like My New Red Snake Skin Flats?

I got them for a steal! Only $19.90, and best yet, they are leather lined! I took a chance, and bought them on line from Avenue. I've been looking for a pretty pair of flats, but I always have a hard time buying shoes without ankle straps, that fit. I have toes a bit long for the size of my foot, and if I get a shoe that fits my foot, my toes get squeezed, but if I go one size larger, it usually flops off my heel. What I need is a half size, but when you get over a US size 10, it's hard, if not impossible to find half sizes, without paying hundreds of dollars per pair. I lucked out with these. I've been wearing them all day, and haven't had any problem with them. Now that I know they fit, I think I'll get another pair in purple!


Lori D said...

Love em! Now I may have to go to Avenue and get my own pair! They'd look great with jeans!

The Crossdresser's Girlfriend said...

I buy everything in a heel, and I'm so jealous of girls who can wear flats! These are a great find!

Melissa said...


I love them too! So much in fact, that I ordered another pair in purple last night. Avenue occasionally has some pretty good finds, for those of us who aren't exactly petite. :-)




I really love the pretty flats that are in style now. I think they look good on anyone, short, tall, and in between. It's not that I don't like heels, I do. I used to love wearing heels, and the taller the better. When I was younger, I would wear four and five inch heels all day long, but my poor old feet just can't take them for more than short periods anymore. Besides, at nearly 6'2", do I really need the extra height?


caroline said...

You lucky devil!

Caroline XXX

Anonymous said...

They really are cute Melissa. I wish I could find more shoes that really fit and look nice. I wear 12W and they are hard to find except online. I just thought of something. Your new shoes could perhaps serve a double purpose. When you're not wearing them, you could just leave them in strategic places around the house and maybe they will keep the mice away. Cool idea huh? :D Suzi

Melissa said...


I know that mice aren't all that smart, but would a mouse fall for a pair of shoes, disguised as a couple of snakes? Hmmm.....maybe if I painted little snake eyes on the toes.........

Melissa ;-)

Reagan said...

OMGOSH!!! I Love them! I have been looking all over for a cute pair of flats. YAH for you for finding a great pair . OOOH I bet they even look better on:)