Wednesday, August 5, 2009

That Was So Funny!

So it's about eight o'clock PM, and I'm fixing a late supper, when I hear someone pull into my driveway and honk the horn. Now normally by this time of the evening I'm pretty settled in, and can usually count on being left alone. Who can it be? (shades of Men At Work

I'm thinking maybe it's the post lady. She's the only one who usually honks when she comes into my driveway, but it's way to late for her to come by. Normally I would just play opossum, but all the lights were on, and there was jazz playing on the radio. What the hell, I thought, I'll just answer the door, and sure enough in about five seconds I hear a knock. So I go to the door and open it. Standing on the deck is a young guy in his twenties, and and I say, "Yes?" He immediately launches into a sales pitch. It seems he's selling frozen fish & chicken fillets, and steaks. He doesn't seem to notice that anything is strange, even though I am standing there wearing the the white puff sleeve top and gold hoop earrings that I have on in the picture above, a pair of pink shorts, and a pair black patent leather thong sandals, with my toenails painted dark red. As he finishes his sales pitch, I say no thanks, and he asks if I'm sure, saying he has some good deals. I reiterate that I'm not interested, but since I'm not used to talking in my female voice, I let my pitch drop, and he sort of gives me a funny look. Then he asks, "Are you sure?", and once again I said, "No thanks, I'm really not interested." He says, "OK , thanks!", and he starts to turn and walk away, but turns his head back to give me one more look before descending the steps and heading to his truck.

LOL! Oh God, it was precious! I walked back inside, with a grin stretching from ear to ear! I think my trip out last week, gave me a lot more confidence in myself as Melissa, than I realized.


Stephanie said...

If he shows up selling again, after you tell him no thanks, tell him he's welcome to leave some free samples! lol

caroline said...

All those years pretending to be a small furry animal when it's so much easier to be yourself!

I still try to not get caught wearing a skirt, I do not look good but for comfort they can't be beat so that is what I wear most of the time and if you don't want to wait in for redelivery...

To loose the fear which hung over us has been such a relief, living is starting to be fun.

Been grinning, forgot those muscles!

Congratulations, Caroline x

Melissa said...


Re:All those years pretending to be a small furry animal when it's so much easier to be yourself!



chrissie said...



Cassidy Brynn said...

How cool! I think I would be mortified! I am not comfortable with my tall girl appearance! Too bad it wasn't Mary K

Melissa said...

@ Cassidy Brynn

Cassidy, girls come in all shapes and sizes. I have a niece, who is 6 ft. tall. I'm 6'2" and weigh in at over 200lbs, and this guy didn't have a clue I wasn't a genetic female, until I dropped my voice. Tasteful, dignified dressing, good grooming, especially meticulous facial grooming with very natural looking makeup, and a feminine demeanor, go a long way to making you look convincingly female. The key is to try and look like the girl next door, not like Marilyn Monroe. Very few of us, can pull that off. The only time I really feel self-conscious about my height, is when I'm standing next to my sister, who is barely 5'4". Then I feel positively huge.


Anonymous said...

I think you are on your way to a much more fulfilled life. These two back-to-back, confidence building experiences should show you that you are accepted as a real woman. I'm betting that you will have very few if any, confidence lowering experiences. There's just something about having personal confidence that makes people accept us more readily. I'm anxious to hear more such adventures. You ARE gorgeous...take advantage of it. :)Suzi

Two Auntees said...

With each positive encounter goes a long way in building confidence. Go out and have fun!!
;) Sarah