Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Night, Time To Unwind

Is 3/4 of a litre of Shiraz too much for one transgirl on a Saturday night? I don't know. I certainly hope not. I do know that my trans/tensions are way down right now, and I feel incredibly good about myself tonight! When I retired over a year ago, I never would have pictured myself, living virtually 24/7 as my true self. I still don't know how it happened; I just did it. I guess that being finally free, I was just fed up with the whole sorry pretense.

I was out in the yard this afternoon, adjusting my TV antenna (infernal new worthess digital signals!). The guy nextdoor was on his deck, and surely he saw me sashaying across the yard in my pastel shorts, woman's sandals and dainty feminine top. It will be interesting to see what he has to say, the next time I run into him. :-) I know I still have to venture out a lot more, but its happening, slowly but surely. At first you have to take baby steps. Later, you can walk confidently as a woman. But do you know what? I owe some of the credit to all of you girls!

Oh yes! I never would have been able to move forward, without the encouragement of many of you! God love each and every one of you!



caroline said...

Hi Melissa, I hope it was not me who has driven you to drink.

Big Hug, Caroline XXX

Suzi said...

LOL @ Caroline. I see much more time in public for Melissa in the future. Perhaps you became a hermit because it was so easy to be Melissa out there by yourself. Since I first began going out in public as Suzi about 15 years ago, I have found it to be the most rewarding part of my life. My wife allows me to dress around the house, but it's just not the same somehow. I'm typing en femme except I don't have my wig on. I would love to throw it on and just run down to Walmart or something. Hmmm...better not I guess...I haven't shaved in a couple of days and my legs are prickly too...grrr.

I can't wait to hear more stories about you getting back into the salons, etc. Keep up the good work and have fun. :)Suzi

Melissa said...

Suzi, I've always detested shaving. I can't stand the prickly stubble that comes the next day. About twenty years ago I bought an Epilady, to remove the hair on my legs. It was one of the original models, and it consisted of a rotating steel coil, that grabbed the hairs and jerked them out. It was torture to use, especially the first time, but with continued use, it got easier and easier. When you continuously pull hair out by the root, it weakens the follicle and the hair becomes finer. Keep doing it for several years, and eventually most of the hairs stop growing altogether. Today my legs are virtually hair free. For the same reason, I rarely have to pluck my eyebrows anymore.

About once every few weeks I have to run the epilator over my legs, to get the few stubborn hairs that still grow. The epilators today are a vast improvement over that primitive rotating coil one, that I first bought. Now I have a very good one, called an Emjoi, which consists of two rotating heads of tweezers. It has two speeds, slow for fine hair, and fast for course hair. I bought it to use on my arms, chest, and stomach. The first time on my arms and stomach was not too bad, but removing the hair on my chest for the first time, nearly had me in tears! I've been having to use it quite frequently, because I haven't gotten ahead of the growth cycle yet, and every few days, new hairs seem to be emerging, but removing them isn't anywhere near as painful as the first time. I hope with continued use, my chest will become like my legs. My arms are less of a problem, but the backs of my hands need to be dealt with several times a week. If I had blond hair like you do, I might not ever have bothered to remove it, but my hair is dark, and it made me look like a woolly beast. :-)


caroline said...

Hi Melissa, I too was once a wooly beast and it nearly drove me over the edge. Ridding myself of the source of testosterone has had the effect of reducing the woolliness so I made an impulse purchase on the housekeeping account of an epilator since you praised them so highly. Interesting sensation! Did complete harvest , arms, legs and torso including back with a little help from my friend. Fabulous effect, I have a new hobby now!

Thanks, Caroline XX

Calie said...

Hey girl, as good as you look, you should feel good about yourself.

Retired? You're too young for retirement!'s your TV reception? That would be TeleVision.

Calie xxx

Melissa said...


If you saw me without makeup, you'd know I was old enough to retire. lol

TV reception? Is that the transgender equivalent of gaydar? :-)

Television reception is just awful! I'm surrounded by big trees, and I lost satellite reception this spring, when the trees went through a big growth spurt. Then when they switched the local stations to digital, their new signals were much weaker than the old analog signals, and reception comes and goes, depending on the weather, and how much the wind is blowing the trees around. I'll be OK in another couple of months. When the leaves fall off the trees, I'll get my satellite signal back, and I wont need the local channels.

Who's that cute chick in your profile pick? ;-)

Melissa XX

Brittany Lynn Roche said...

Hi Melissa,

I am very happy for you! You deserve to live your life, and I am glad you have made so much progress beating your 'social anxiety.'

I too am a big fan of epilators, and I use them everywhere hair grows except my head and face (I want my electrologists to kill that..).

Take care,


Samantha said...

Hiya Melissa!

So nope, I've not been following your blog, but that's a flaw in my character I aim to fix. So now I have to go back and do some catching up methinks. I'm also a big fan of epilators and have been for some years now. The good news is that with regular sessions, my leg hair has pretty much stopped growing except for a few small patches. It's really funny to see.

Welcome to the world baby girl, you're doing fine!

Reagan said...

YAY!!! I am so happy that you are getting out more and more. You should be so proud of yourself. Truly. It's such a HARD thing to force yourself to get out there and do it and look at you, here you are, doing it. Heck we all need baby steps. It takes time. I'm just so proud of you (I hope that doesn't sound...rude, but I so am). And I love the sashay part...too cute! HUGS!