Saturday, March 13, 2010

Harvesting Strawberries

It's still a couple of months early, and it's certainly not in a basket, but I did harvest this big huge strawberry today, when my knee gave out and slammed into the carpet. It looks much meaner under the bandage, but I didn't want to gross you out. Here we are with warmer weather on the way, and I'm going to have a big scab on my knee! Last spring, just as summer was approaching, my bicycle seat broke, and I fell off my bike, gouging out a lovely bloody groove on the inside of my right knee, as it scraped against the seat post.....and now this. How is a girl supposed to look pretty with scabby knees? I'm beginning to think I'm cursed. Oh well, thank goodness for hydrogen peroxide, Neosporan and big Band-Aids.

Do any of you remember a band named Supertramp? I'm listening to them right now, and I had forgotten just how good they were. I used to love their music! Do any of you remember The Logical Song?

And how about Crime Of The Century?

The above two numbers came off of the CD SUPERTRAMP CLASSICS Volume 9, a really great classic album.

Melissa XX


Stace said...

Melissa! This coming from the person that told me to be careful!

Hope the damage is limited to a scrapped knee and nothing more serious.

I remember Supertramp, or at least listening to it in my parents car. I didn't realise they they were still releasing singles in 2002 (just checked Wikipedia ;p)... I love 'Breakfast in America' as well


Melissa said...


Thanks for your concern, sweetie, but it's just a scraped knee, and nothing more! I won't look very pretty in shorts and short skirts for a while, but it's just a temporary set back. By the end of May when the weather really starts getting warm, it should be OK!

Supertramp was huge back in the seventies, when original compositions were valued over carbon copies of the latest fad in music. I have always loved their music. If you like them, check out the link to the CD I left on my blog.

Melissa XX

Jenny said...

Ouch! As one who is accident prone to another: heal up soon!

Can't refresh my Supertramp fix, I's get into trouble. Mrs. J's still asleep! :)

caroline said...

Melissa! Bet that was just an excuse to show the high priestess' perfectly smooth leg! Try arnica to speed things up, no warm weather of summertime saving here yet but with your temperatures you had better look after it.

I have not got through the armful of plastic discs from the attic which last weeks suggestion made me bring down.

And here was me trying to give up nostalgia.

Caroline xxx

Sophie said...

Melissa, I have two daughters who have played a lot of softball and the older one especially has had some really spectacular abrasions, bruises and assorted contusions. Just tell everyone you were playing an early season game of ball and you skinned it up sliding into second. And you were safe, of course!

And yes, I remember Breakfast In America well. I once did a six month cruise in the Mediterranean with a total of five cassettes (yes, this was a couple years ago), one of which was that album. Needless to say it got a LOT of eartime. I still love the album though, it brings back good memories.

Jenny.J said...

you poor thing! do be careful, now if you want to see some pics of really gruesome slicing and dicing, lovely black n blue bruising I'd be happy to mail you a couple of pix lol,

as for supertramp, yes I remember them well, great music and great band, and if memory serves correct thet started off the huge stadium gigs.

Jenny x

bree said...

Supertramp, breakfast in America is by far one of my favorite albums, and I will still pull out the cd from time to time and listen to it in my car.

Leslie Ann said...

I played my vinyl Breakfast in America for my daughter a few months ago. I think I liked it better than her. Child of Vision was always my favorite song by them.

Tell people you got knocked down in a Supertramp mosh pit.

Anonymous said...

Oh poor you! hope you heal quickly?
take care

Anonymous said...

Oh poor you! hope you heal quickly?
take care

Anonymous said...

Oh poor you! hope you heal quickly?
take care