Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Means Time For New Clothes!

I got several new tops today. I just love this one! One of the latest trends, is the layered look. This is just one piece, but it looks like a sweater over a blouse. I got it from Chadwicks in case your are interested. They have some very pretty clothes.

My monthly support group meeting and pot luck supper, is scheduled for next weekend, rather than this Friday. My guess is that they put it back a week, out of reverence for Passover and Good Friday. I will be looking forward to this meeting, as our guest speaker will be Lady Ellen, who runs La Femme Finishing School in New Jersey. She specializes in feminization lessons for the transgender community. It should be fun. It's always nice to have a sympathetic natal woman, as a guest speaker. Hopefully, my girlfriend Sophie will bring the chainsaw she wants to get rid of. She said it has been treated very gently, and has offered to sell it to me for a very reasonable price. Those of you who have been reading my blog, know that I am surrounded by trees with a mind of their own, and have been in need of a chain saw ever since mine was destroyed, when I lent it to neighbors after Hurricane Isabel, seven years ago.

Lumber jacking it seems, is becoming a regular chore for some of us lately. My absolute BGFF, Caroline, just had a laburnum tree blown down in her yard by a storm, that needed to be cut up. Lacking a chainsaw, she worked her poor fingers to the bone, sacrificing a precious gilded nail, trying to cut its tough sinews with a bow saw, until she was finally rescued by a professional wood cutter. It seems we no sooner rid ourselves of the misery of winter storms, when we have spring storms to deal with. But we girls are a hardy lot! We've all had far worse to deal with in our lives. Miserable winters and strong spring storms are no match for us!

Happy Spring everyone!
Melissa XX


Keri Renault said...

Cute top, Melissa. Moreso worn on such a lovely woman as yourself! Too bad you couldn't have gotten it a wee bit sooner for St. Patty's Day. Looks like you're ready for spring. (Aren't we all:)

caroline said...

I did my best yesterday thinking a dusky pink cardigan over a grey polo neck was just the thing for destroying such a pretty tree.

No new spring buys for me this year, all my cash is going on heat.

I am sure Sophie has looked after her chainsaw and you will be swinging it with style and poise in the spring sunshine though perhaps not in that cute new outfit.

Caroline XXX

Sophie said...

Love that top Melissa, it looks really good on you! I think the meting was pushed back a week because Ellen couldn't get down here this week. Me and the chainsaw shall see you next weekend.

Stace said...

You certainly look ready for spring... Now when is it going to come and stay! (2 degrees again this morning when riding here...)

Me and the chainsaw shall see you next weekend

Maybe it's because I grew up on the edge of the city but sounds very sinister to me ;p


Véronique said...

You look wonderful! I haven't done any spring shopping yet, except for a boyfriend blazer. I really need to go through what I have and weed out some stuff. I do want new clothes!

Anonymous said...

Great top and I love the head band.

I am fortunate, we only have small bushes to worry about.

Véronique said...

BTW, when you wrote in my blog that you are 61, I was floored. Your skin looks awesome! Hope I look as good in five years.

Melissa said...

Are you kidding? I think you look fabulous! Thanks, but much of my look can be attributed to the illusion, that makeup provides. You really wouldn't want to see me without it? ;-)

Melissa XX

Calie said...

I absolutely love your look, Melissa. And, you young!

I still think you look like Diane Keaton.

Calie xxx