Monday, March 22, 2010

Tonight I Am Overjoyed!

I live in the US, and tonight after generations of attempts by Democrats, our Congress has finally passed a Universal Health Care Bill! It was fought tooth and nail every step of the way, by recalcitrant reactionary forces, but in the end it prevailed, despite the utterly dishonest hatchet jobs they unleashed against the bill. We still won't have health care coverage anywhere near as good as western European nations, but at least it's a start. Hopefully, we can take this legislation and build on it.

Melissa XX


Leslie Ann said...

I'm very happy too, Melissa. Most of this won't take affect till 2014, and the GOP will go all out to sabotage it. So don't let your guard down, girl!

Jenny said...

Welcome to the Socialist Utopia, comrades! From here the path can only lead to bad dentistry. :)

Seriously, good news. We take the NHS so much for granted over here we forget that not everyone has the same taken-for-granted instant access we do.

caroline said...

From my side of the Atlantic I have to say that everything we hear of your health care provision (provision?) leaves us with our mouths open in disbelief. Our system is far from perfect and some things like dentistry have become a bad joke and effectively privatised now but everyone gets some treatment and prescriptions are obtained for a modest fee per item so even the less well off like me can live without fear of life turning to ruins by a sudden expensive illness.

Hope he pulls it off and those dirty deals he made to get ther do not come back to haunt him.

Caroline xxx

Anonymous said...

As others have said its not perfect, but I am damn glad we have it.
For those that can afford it they can still go private but the NHS is where the mojority of people get there care.

Anonymous said...

The NHS is in a bad way and it is a goliath to keep funding. However most of the staff I have ever met are dedicated and very conciencious. The dental issue is a very serious one. I cannot get a NHS dentist and have been on the waiting list for over two years. Which means I only go to the dentist privately if I need to. Not good!

I am however pleased that there is a system in place now in the US which can help those who just cannot afford good medical help.

Great post Melissa

Keri Renault said...

"Build on it" is right, now that there is actually a foundation to build upon. Having witnessed the opposition first-hand on Capitol Hill, I'm both astonished and delighted the Dems were able to rally the troops to do good.

Ms.LizzyBeth said...

2014, hmmm, and here I thought 2012 would be more appropriate but of course noone will look at the self destructive flaws lurking within the proposed plan. Sadly, those downfalls don't even have to hide because noone ever sees what they don't want to. That is all I will say on the subject because you either already know what I am speaking of or disagree because you want to believe in it so badly that you will blindly keep your eyes clenched tightly shut.