Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm Unable To Comment On Certain BLogs Again

I don't know what causes this, but I logged on yesterday, and once again found that I was unable to post a comment on any blog, that has the Post A Comment box embedded at the bottom of the blog. This has happened to me several times now, and just as before, I can now only post comments on blogs, that utilize the pop up window for comments. This is so aggravating, because a good number of the blogs I follow utilize the embedded Post A Comment box, and now I'm cut out those conversations. When this has happened to me before, I scoured my blog and computer settings to see if I had done something to cause the problem, but could never find anything. This is a problem that just seems to come and go from time to time, completely independent of anything I do. Curious!

Thanksgiving is going to be a low keyed affair tomorrow. My brother-in-law is taking his daughter to his mother's house, in a neighboring state. My older sister and I thought about taking my mother out to a restaurant, but she decided she wants to cook, so my sister, my niece and I will be going to her condo tomorrow. That's fine with me. I'd much rather have a home cooked meal on Thanksgiving. Besides, there is just something a little sad about going out to a restaurant for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

I hope all of you have an enjoyable day with your loved ones.

Melissa XX


caroline said...

Just spent over an hour muttering at the screen which never seemed to respond to commands, life and the will to live fading fast so I came here to be cheered up!

Some occasions are for friends and family, thanksgiving is not something we do on this side but we understand that you need a rehearsal for christmas so hope all goes well. may as well plan to read a book tomorrow if you are all asleep after a big meal.

Just remember, a moment on the lips a month on the hips!

Caroline xx

Amy K. said...

I'm sorry, I wish I could tell you what's causing that problem, Melissa. Did you try logging out and back into Blogger?

Happy Thanksgiving to you, and I hope you have a wonderful time with the family tomorrow. :)

Melissa said...

@ Caroline

I think you cheer me up with your wonderful sense of humor, more than I do you.

Well now......of course you don't have Thanksgiving over there! We are lucky we have it here. The colony in Manteo N.C was wiped out, either by privation, or attacks by aboriginals, the colony in Jamestown, managed to survive Indian attacks, and survived privation by boiling shoe leather for food, and I'm pretty sure one guy even ate his wife after she died. The colony in Plymouth apparently got along better with the natives, so they decided to celebrate making it through the winter, by inviting them to dinner.

A moment on the lips a month on the hips? Well, I could use a little extra on the hips. Fortunately the tush is just right,(pleasingly plump), but a little extra on the sides of the hips would be so nice.

I'll be thinking of you reading your boring book, while gnawing on a succulent turkey leg tomorrow.

Can I have that hug, now that you're no longer contagious?
Melissa XXOO

Melissa said...

@ Amy

Yes Amy, I've tried logging out and back in. I've even tried rebooting my computer. It's weird! This has happened several time before. I started out not being able to post on blogs with embedded comment boxes, then all of a sudden one day I could. A few weeks later I couldn't again, then just as mysteriously, a while later I could. Now it's gone again! Go figure!

I hope you, Nikki and the girls have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Melissa XX

Sophie said...

Hi Melissa, Happy Thanksgiving! I had been planning on having Chinese for dinner, but a friend took pity on me and invited me over instead. I have been forewarned to be sure my skirt has an elastic waistband as she really likes to put out a spread.

As far as your comments problem, are you using IE or Firefox? I'll try not to get too geeky on you, but I can make the problem come and go by blocking access to Google FriendConnect. If you do not have a bunch of security addons to your browser causing it then it is probably an issue with a cookie being blocked or not letting a javascript run.

Melissa said...

@ Sophie

I noticed the problem yesterday, when I went to leave a comment on your blog. Suddenly I was no longer able to.

I am running the latest version of Firefox. The thing is, I was able to post on your blog just a couple of days ago and then suddenly I couldn't. I have been having a problem, trying to download the latest Java update for my Mac. The download keeps aborting, but that was happening long before this problem.


Anonymous said...

I have no idea if this will help but it worked for me when I was not able to view lots of Flikr pics. I use Firefox as a browser. If you use something else, I'm pretty sure they will have something similar you can check. I went to Tools--Options--Content Tab. Then I looked for websites in the "exceptions" lists. I found just one, deleted it, and voila'...instant cure. I wonder if you could have an exception in your options that keeps blocking you. I have no idea how that exception got on the list. Time to do some searching. :)Suzi

Anonymous said...

Enjoy thanksgiving.

The Crossdresser's Girlfriend said...

Why is dinner out on Thanksgiving sad? I'm not sure but I agree. I hope you had a wonderful day with your family.

Melissa said...


Oh, I don't know. I guess in some ways, I'm just traditionalist. It's just that I've always viewed Thanksgiving, as a day to gather around hearth and home, with family and close friends, but I guess you could still have a good time if all of those people went out together.

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

Melissa XX

caroline said...

She just loves going out!

Caroline xx

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post and not sure if you'll pick this up Melissa but now and again I leave comments on a blogger site and type in the security characters, add my wordpress blog name and then click post comment and it comes back with an error saying can't update or something or other, I ignore this and go through the last process again i.e. filling out new security characters and then re-post my comment and often although it rejected it the first time it accepts it the second time? I don't know why. I also don't know if this will help but I offer it on the off chance anyway.
best of luck