Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Who Are You Anonymous Follower?

You have me puzzled!

I tuned into my dashboard today, and lo, there were 41 followers of my blog. That's one more than yesterday, so being the curious cat that I am, I wanted to see who this new follower was. I clicked on "followers" and began to scan the avatars, for a new face. Up and down the rows I went, looking right, then left. Nope! No new faces. But wait! Down below, under "your friends"! What's this? A faceless gray silhouette? Next to the silhouette, where a name would normally appear, there is nothing but blank white space. Hmmm.............I thought. Maybe I'll just click on the avatar and see where that leads me. Ahh.......yes! Another picture of the faceless gray silhouette, but this time it has a line next to it saying, "is your friend", and directly below that is a link, with an envelope icon saying, "send a message". So, I think I'll send my new anonymous follower a message, and maybe they will tell me who they are, either real, or imagined.........but no! The link is dead! How does one do that? How does one leave comments on people's blogs, and register as a follower, with out leaving a trace of who the they are? Who can it be?


Lucy Melford said...

Oh, I've got three of these grey faceless followers, and I don't know why they need to be anonymous. Perhaps they don't want to admit that they follow your blog.

I think I can guess who one of my three might be, and if I'm right then it's because I know they are shy, and that's fine.


Sophie said...
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Anonymous said...

I am now reading your blog with interest and I happy not to be anon.


Two Auntees said...

After two years of blogging, I only recently discovered how to post a picture that would show up when I post a comment to another blog. It takes time to teach old folks a new trick or two.

Love to read your posting and follow along with you down the rabbit hole.

Melissa said...

@ Sophie

No, it wasn't you Sophie. Your avatar on my follower's page is a gray faceless silhouette, but your name is next to it.


Melissa said...

@ Sophie again

On second thought, it could be you, because the name next to the avatar I thought was yours, says Sophia B, not Sophie like you are listed in your profile.


Melissa said...

I have noticed all kind of little quirks about this program. Many people are not posting directly from a Blogger account, but from some other program, that they have linked to Blogger, so maybe all of the little Blogger widgets don't work for them.

I am happy to have anyone follow my blog, as long as they are polite, which has never really been a problem. I would just like to have some kind of identity to link them to. Some people chose virtual identities, using cartoon avatars and pseudonyms, instead of a real identity. That's fine as far as I'm concerned. At least then I have a recognizable identity to wrap my brain around, and I don' feel like I am communicating with a phantom.

Melissa XX

Sophie said...
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caroline said...

41 is just plain greedy.

Caroline xxx

Melissa said...

@ Caroline

lol! I will be happy to share any, or all of them with you, girlfriend! :-)

Melissa XX

Louise Connolly said...

nothing worse than faceless avatars,
when i used to moderate a flickr group, i used to ban them for that very reason..no picture..

great blog btw, keep up the good writings xxx L