Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Queen Ida

Remember Queen Ida? I always loved her! She was always good for a laugh. Another Ida came on shore on the Gulf Coast on Monday, and she is no laughing matter. A pretty pitiful storm, as far as tropical cyclones go, but nevertheless her remnants will be inundating the southeastern US with heavy rain. I was hoping she would continue her right turn upon coming on shore, then blow on through Georgia and back on out into the Atlantic, but she decided to slowly slide on up the east coast, instead. The forecast? Rain for the next three days!

I happened to have Dancing With the Stars on the TV tonight. Why did I have to watch that? Few things will stir my GID faster, than watching absolutely gorgeous girls, in slinky revealing gowns and towering stilettos, reveling in their femininity in front of an adoring crowd. I've always loved ballroom dancing! You don't have to guess which gender I always identify with.

Nearly all of the leaves are off the trees now, consequently my privacy will be virtually nonexistent for the next six months. The deck was completely covered in fallen leaves, so this afternoon I decided to clean it off. Did my neighbors realize who that curvy brunette was, sweeping off the deck in her purple ribbed v-neck sweater and skinny jeans, or have they figured out by now, that we are one and the same?

UPS will be delivering two tubes of Prescriptives All Skins Mineral Makeup tomorrow. It's a great long wearing foundation, that is supposed to last for 16 hours. Not that I would ever wear foundation that long, but I have been know to wear it for 10 or 12 hours. Most foundation will start floating off of my face after about 4 to 6 hours, but this stuff won't. It's excellent makeup, but why in the world does it have to cost $32.50 per 1 ounce tube?

I had supper at my mother's again on Monday night. Everyone seems to be slowly getting back to normal. My brother-in-law has continued to come, and seems to be getting back to his old self. He still can't bring himself to take my sister's voice off of their voice mail recording though. Mom cooked a lovely supper of pork tenderloin, stuffing, mashed potatoes, steamed asparagus and glazed baby carrots. We had butter pecan ice cream for desert. She seemed to be in pretty good spirits, but at nearly 89, she is looking a bit haggard. I think cooking dinner for everyone on Mondays gives her sense of purpose, but I worry about her going grocery shopping at the Krogers next store, for fear she will take an ill-fated tumble. She has already fallen and broken her hip twice. Her problem is that when she gets her mind on something, she becomes oblivious to the hazards around her. The last time she broke her hip, she had a repairman working in her kitchen, and instead of keeping clear of him, she decided to do some work in there along side of him. She turned around to move something from one counter to the other, an tripped right over the guy, who was down on the floor working under the sink.

Rebecca had Marcie Bowers perform her revision surgery this morning, and according to her blog, all went well. Congratulations, and a speedy recovery to her!

Melissa XX


Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa
I LOVE YOUR BLOG! It's been a real find for me and I love how you write. I'm always left with so many questions I want to ask you? For example you sound like you live out in the 'boonies' I think you say? Yet today you wrote that for the next six months you'll lose your privacy because of the loss of tree canopy cover. I guess you live in a remote but built up area? Its a little like that here. We live in a wooded area miles out of the town and its very private except for delivery men who get lost and the postman (who can never decide what time of the day he is supposed to turn up)

I laughed at your Giant foo episode with the tree! I can relate to that in a UK context.

Anyhow I also wanted to say very HUGE thank you for taking the time to really 'write to me' yesterday and share with me your clinique links and advise. I really appreciated that very much. I appreciated also that you didn't bash off a convenient 'good luck and see you around' comment but you took time and was very considerate about trying to pass on help. Thank you.

I know my blog is new (its only 1 week old) but already I have been encouraged by the people such as yourself I have met and who have dropped by to share. I hope you don't mind but I have added your blog to my blogroll I hope anyone dropping by my blog will appreciate yours as much as I have.

Sorry is this post sounding a bit 'gushy' but I am truly enjoying your blog and I dont usually go overboard like this anyhow, I hope we can keep in touch and become friends.

Autumn here is chilly and breezy but thankfully the rain after nearly a week has finally stopped! I hope you will not be badly effected by that storm! Stay safe, I'll be in touch
have a great Autumn(fall)day over there!


Melissa said...

@ Helen

Thank you for the compliments! It's always nice to have new friends!

I live in a rural subdivision, about 45-50 miles out of town. It's mostly farm land and woods out here, but more and more people are giving up on farming and harvesting trees, and subdividing their property into lots. Our subdivision consists of about 150 wooded acres, situated around an 8 acre pond. The lots range in size from 3 to 5 acres. Mine is about 4.5 acres. During the summer, when the leaves are on the trees, its pretty private, but when the leaves have fallen, even though the nearest house is several hundred feet away, you still can see everything.

I don't know what it is about mail and UPS deliveries, but I can never rely on either one coming at a specific time, either. The mail will come any time between noon and 4:00 PM, and the UPS diver will show up any time between 9:30 AM and 8:00 PM! It's useless to try planning you day around a UPS delivery.

Melissa XX

Anonymous said...

I love Strictly come dancing which I think is similar. Like you I love the dancing, but am so envious of the women in it.

Anonymous said...

I empathize with your concern for your mother. For my wife and I, all of our parents and grandparents are gone now. My wife's dad was a very independent spirit. We always knew that one day we would get a call letting us know he was either dead or in the hospital. He constantly insisted on doing things his way. It tore my wife up, but I always told her, "he's a very old man...let him decide how he will die." I knew he would rather die watching the Texas Rangers on TV while sitting in his own recliner, than watching it in a nursing home. I was right...my wife knew it...and that's just about how he went.

I'm pretty sure your mother would rather die fixing a great meal for you, than eating bland mashed potatoes someplace else. She seems like a great lady...and you're a great daughter...just like you were a great sister.

Several hundred feet to the nearest neighbor? Wow...they will never be able to make out that it is you. They probably just think you're shacking up with some chick...lol. My neighbors are much closer and I know they've seem me dressed. Nobody has ever said anything or given any indication that anything is wrong. I guess I just need to get out badly enough that I'm willing to take the chance...lol.

Good luck with USPS and UPS.


chrissie said...

Melissa said...."It's excellent makeup, but why in the world does it have to cost $32.50 per 1 ounce tube?"

That's not as pricey as the stuff I use (clinique repairwear), and if it lasts 16 hours then I'd be real happy.

Mind you, that time depends on rate of facial hair growth, density, etc. With clinique I am lucky to get five hours. The old theatrical panstick I used to use now only gives me two or three hours. 25 years ago, it would give me good coverage for eight hours or so.

Thank god for IPL... :-)


Rebecca said...

Thanks for mentioning my surgery, sweetie!! I'm doing well, resting, and praying for great result!! xxx