Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bermuda High

The Bermuda high is a summer weather phenomenon in the eastern US. It happens when a high pressure system exits the southern east coast, and brings tropical Gulf of Mexico air up into the mid-Atlantic states. We are about to experience a Bermuda high early this week. Temperatures will soar to near 90° F by Tuesday. (Thank you VĂ©ronique for the HTML tip, you're such a sweetheart!)

This is exceptionally early for a Bermuda high. They normally don't appear until early to mid summer. Is this a harbinger of torturous things to come? One of those God awful long hot, and humid as hell summers, reminiscent of a Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell movie, that leaves your clothes soaking wet with perspiration, rings of moisture under your sweating glass, and you seeking refuge in front of the cooling breeze of an air conditioner?

By the end of the week, temperatures are forecasted to be back to normal spring time averages, with highs in the mid to upper 60° F range. Of course I love the Bermuda high! What better excuse to don a pair of white cuffed short shorts, a scooped necked cap sleeved pink tee with ruffles on the bodice, and a pair of strappy white sandals, after a miserable long cold winter?

Bermuda high? Bring it on!

Melissa XX


Amy K. said...

We're having this weather over here too and I'm quite enjoying it. Unfortunately, it's too much too soon, in a way. I'm still working on shedding my winter pounds, so most of my shorts don't fit! Aaaaahh!

Calie said...

I just loved the humid east coast summers. I get you're glad to be done with winter, Melissa. Going to show us a picture of you in that summer outfit?

Calie xxx