Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where Is My Inspiration?

I'm sitting here sipping Cabernet, and listening to.........well, I thought I'd listen to Vivaldi's, The Four Seasons, played by La Scala Philharmonic, Riccardo Muti conducting, but apparently I left Dvořák's Seventh and Eighth in the CD player, and they are playing first. This is a mistake to be sure, but knowing how much I love Dvořák, I'm sure you can imagine just how thoroughly and utterly dissapointed I am........not! I can live with it. Vivaldi will be on soon enough.

Anyway, I was wondering just what am I going to tell you tonight? I didn't know.........I was thinking of talking to you about the new summer clothes that showed up in my mail box today, but you don't want to hear about that, do you?

What's that I hear you saying? Yes? You do want to hear about my new clothes? Oh! Bless you dear girls! You're really far too kind!

Well........I received not one, but two packages in the mail today! One containing a pair of five pocket guava stretch capris that had been back ordered for about a month. These will compliment the pale pink pair I got a month ago. The second package contained a really cute little pair of embroidered denim shorts. I'm going to love these when the really warm weather arrives! I love the fact that they are very short. The trend in shorts this year seems to be Bermudas that end at just above the knee cap. I hate them! They are so unfeminine, and do absolutely nothing to flatter the legs. It seems like every year we have the fashion faux pas of some poor misguided designer foisted upon us. Well........we don't have to accept them now, do we? What? We do? Just because all of the other girls will? I don't think so..........but then I've never exactly been a conformist either.

The next thing out of the package was a cotton Henley in a wine color. I got this to go along with the one I already have in orchid. They both look great with a pair of jeans, shorts, or capris. Great for casual spring, or summer wear. But...........the top I was really looking forward to getting.............the pièce de résistance, was this purple blossom ruffle blouse. It looks even cuter on, then it does in the picture.

Oh! I nearly forgot! This one also arrived to day! Its very similar, albeit a bit more colorful than this one that I got a couple of weeks ago.

Well, this concludes my blog entry about my new clothes. You can now go to my profile, download a picture of my face, paste it up on your wall, and throw darts at it. Some choice comments to contemplate while aiming for my eyes are, "Why you superficial, narcissistic bitch!" And, "Really Melissa, do you honestly think we give a crap about your ugly old clothes?" Or, "Come around here wearing that shit, and we'll throw theses darts right in your face, not your picture!"

Uh-oh, I think I just revealed mental health issues. I've got to be careful about that. ;-)

Melissa XX


Stace said...

What can I say, thanks for making me laugh with your last paragraph - I need it at the moment :)
Oh and don't worry about the darts. I lost mine in the office when they took the board down :(


lisalisa said...

I can see you are prepared for the summer.
You just cant beat new clothes, and what a great choice you have made. I especially love the shorts.

Halle said...

Just because we are narcissistic does not make us superficial too! I am so jealous of your new collection. Go girl!



Véronique said...

Nice tour of your new wardrobe, but you're supposed to model them yourself. :)

chrissie said...

I understand totslly, Pet... :-)


Calie said...

LOL !!!

Yes, girl, we DO! Loved this post! Cute tops!

Calie xxx