Sunday, April 18, 2010

Is It Possile To Scratch One's Eyeballs?

It seems that all of the trees are blooming at the same time. The result, other than a constant layer of yellow pollen on my truck, is a near constant miasma of pollen swirling through the air. My sinuses have held up fairly well this spring, just giving me a few sniffles, but my eyes are a different story.
See the lower picture? Well, that's my eyes! Except my eyes are brown, not the very pretty lavender shown above. I only wish!

They itch so, and I want to scratch them so much, but I can't scratch my eyeballs! I can however scratch the rims, just inside of the eyelashes. Ahhhh........what a relief!

Fortunately, my eyes don't look as bad as this little guy's. I thnk he may have liver problems.

Melissa XX


caroline said...

Don't scratch!

I have seen clouds of pollen dancing on the wind like a yellow death cloud in a horror movie never touching the ground. you really know how to put visitors off!

Can you get some kind of eyewash to soothe so far into the woods?

Caroline xxx

Anji said...

I've suffered for years and for quite a while now I've been bathing my eyes morning and night with 2 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda in half a litre of boiled water. Allow to cool and keep in the fridge - it keeps for about a week. The coldness is very soothing anyway. My eyes still look red most of the time but I've had fewer flair ups. I've certainly cut down on the ointment I had for my eyes.

Hope it clears up soon

alan said...

I've been on prescription eyedrops for years, though I've cut my use of them a lot as my co-pay has my share to $25/bottle now and I can buy 4 bottles over the counter for that, even if they don't work as well.

My late ophthamologist used to tell me that when I first got up and whenever they were bothering me and I could, run very warm water on a washcloth, place it over my eyes and let it stay there 'til it cooled. It seems to help...

Here they've been saying that since it stayed cold so late everything is budding at once and the pollen counts are 1,000 time normal. People who don't normally have problems are this year!

Hope your eyes feel better soon!


Calie said...

Poor little guy and poor you, Melissa! I hope those scratchy eyes get better soon. This is the time of year, you know. Me too, girl. Hang in there!

Calie xxx