Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hey! You Didn't Tell Us You Had Your Ears Pierced!

Well...........actually I didn't. I've been too lazy to make the 90 mile round trip to the tattoo parlor in Richmond, but I stumbled across these Magnetic Earrings on line. I didn't even realize that magnetic stud earrings existed, and when I saw these, I thought, no way would a magnet that small be able to secure an earring, but the website said the magnets hold them securely on either side of the ear, so I decided to give them a try.

Do they stay on? Yes they do, as long as you don't accidentally knock them off while brushing your hair. They hold so good in fact, that after a few hours, I had to take them off, because they were pinching my earlobes, just like a pair of too tight clip-ons.

Melissa XX


Amy K. said...

I've known about them for quite awhile, and was going to try to find them somewhere, but we're talking over 10 years ago, and the internet was not as huge as it is now. I got my ears pierced before I found any magnetic earrings, and that kind of nullified that whole need right there. They do look very nice on you, by the way. :)

Anonymous said...

I have seen these around and assumed they would not work, and so I didnt buy any.
I will give them a try now.

Lucy Melford said...

Yes, they do look nice, but then most everything seems to look nice on you Melissa! I can't believe you're actually a couple of years older than me. You look fantastic.

I do recommend that you get your ears pierced though. Once done - and make sure you go to a specialist - the earring world is you oyster.


Sophie said...

They do look good on you Melissa. I looked into them a while back but ended up just having my ears pierced at one of the free standing places in the local mall. I had a second piercing done in both ears once I no longer had to worry about what they would think about them at work. As Lucy said, it really does open up a whole new world of jewelry choices.

See you tomorrow evening, it should be an interesting meeting.

caroline said...

And the award for cutest lumberjack goes to...

Caroline XXX

Halle said...

I don't imagine you'd want anything too heavy on a magnet, but it really looks just like a pierced earring! Very pretty. You have ears that should be seen too!(no unsightly hairs like mine).
Hmm, they are a bit pricey, but in a small town a guy gets lots of questions when he suddenly has BOTH ears done... what's a girl to do.
Thanks for the answer!

Hugs, Halle

Jenny.J said...

Whatever next,
be careful when using your moblie, your hea may explode!!
I used to wear clip ons and they used to pinch to, try to go on that trip to get them pierced as Lucy says.

Jen x

Jessica De Leon said...

I remember during high school a lot of dudes who were too chicken to pierce their ears would wear the magnetic ones to try to "look cool" hehe

I got my ears pierced at 16! My dad flipped lmao!!

That's a cute pair ya got :-)

Stace said...

Thanks for the tip off - I guess I need to do some more searching as I don't want to have to explain to everyone how almost totally conventional me has peiced ears... But I do want some ear rings.


Calie said...

Melissa, whenever I see your picture, I just say to myself...."She's beautiful". I just wish I could look that good.

Calie xxx