Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sleepless Night


It was nearly 4:30 AM when I glanced over at my alarm clock Thursday morning. I had been in bed since 2:30 AM, but I was still wide awake. The sun would be coming up in an hour, and I just didn't want to see that happen while still in bed, so I decided to get up. I've gone without sleep plenty of times before. I could do it again. One of the great things about being retired, is that when I have a sleepless night, I don't have to immediately jump into the rat race. I can just get up and take it easy. If necessary I can always take a nap later on.

Leaving my pajama top on, I threw on a pair of shorts, slipped into a pair of thong sandals, and sauntered out to the kitchen. I poured the remainder of yesterday's carafe of coffee into a mug, and put it in the microwave. Oh! you've never done that? A couple of minutes later I was sitting at my computer, sipping delicious stale, day old coffee, and reading the first blogs of the day, from all of you early birds on the eastern side of the pond. Unlike me, many of you are apparently early morning bloggers. At about 5:30 AM, I made a fresh pot of coffee, and a breakfast of two microwave fried eggs, toast with PB&J, and some yogurt with blackberry jam mixed in. While eating my breakfast, I realized why I couldn't get to sleep the night before. I normally take a baby aspirin and a Benadryl just before bedtime. The Benadryl helps to zone me out, so I can fall asleep easier, but I forgot to take it last night. No wonder I was contemplating infinity at 4:30 AM, instead lying in a coma.

Going without a night's sleep could have been a bitch, but it turned out to be a stroke of luck after all. The grass in the back yard, was in dire need of mowing, and I had been wanting to cut it for the last two weeks, but it's just been too hot. Thursday was no different. It was forecast to be hot and humid, with temperatures in the mid 90's. That's far too hot to be pushing a lawnmower around in the sun, but since I was up much earlier than normal, I thought I take advantage of the cooler morning temperatures, and at about 9:30 AM (my normal wake up time), I pulled the mower out of the shed and ran it around the yard. At that time of day, the yard was still mostly in shade, and although it was extremely humid, the temperature was only in the low 80's, so it wasn't bad at all. And hour later I was done, and it was only 10:30. I was still soaking wet with sweat because of the humidity, but I wasn't exhausted like I would normally have been, had I mowed in the noonday, or afternoon sun.

Great News From The Gulf of Mexico!

After three months of copious amounts of sweet light crude leaking into North America's most productive estuary, BP announced today that they have finally capped the gusher, and oil is no longer pouring from the well! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the new well cap holds, and that the well casing hasn't been fractured, so oil can't leak out through the sub strata. BP is wholly responsible for this horrible environmental catastrophe. There is no doubt that it has cost them dearly in profits and reputation, but today those working to put an end to this disaster, deserve a big pat on the back, and our sincere thanks for a job well done! There will never be any excuse for this happening ever again, anywhere in the world.

On The Epicurean Front

I've always loved Nabisco's Triscuits, but today I discovered Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuits! I can't begin to describe how wonderful they are! I don't think I'll ever buy ordinary Triscuits again.

The Dominoes Are Falling

Today, Argentina became the first country in Latin America, to afford full legal and marital rights to lesbian and gay citizens, including the right to adopt children! Way to go Argentina! ¡Vive, separaciĆ³n de iglesia y estado!

Melissa XX


Jenny said...

Can't speak for others, but I'm only an early blogger when I too get hit by insomnia!

Let's hope your pill does the job for you tonight.

Stace said...

Not sure it counts as insomnia, but most of my weekend blogging is done when I wake at some ungodly hour during the weekend and can't get back to sleep (there should be a law against waking up before 7am on a Saturday)... During the week I tend to just try and do relaxing exercises if I wake at 3 or 4 am to at least get some rest, if not sleep, before the alarm fires into life.


Veronica said...

Microwaved leftover coffee is vile! Yes, I've done it. That's how I know it's vile. ¡No mas! :)

I'm fortunate that insomnia is a rare thing for me.

Anonymous said...

I love the grass in the garden, but I really hate mowing it. thankfully its not in temperatures like that though.

Leslie Ann said...

We never throw out coffee, we just drink it till it's gone. As long as you don't leave it boiling for hours, it ages just fine.

And the rosemary Triscuits are quite good, but I eat the cracked pepper variety almost exclusively. Regular triscuits are so bland in comparison!