Friday, July 23, 2010

Will Somebody Please Turn Off The Heat!

OK! It's starting to get ridiculous! Today's high.....100.4°F! Today's heat index.....109°F! The temperature inside my computer room, at the end of the house without air conditioning at 10:40 PM.......80°F! For those of you living in more advanced countries using the centigrade scale, that's 40.2°C, 42.7°C, and 26.6°C respectively. And get this.........tomorrow it's supposed to be even hotter! I feel like I've died, and gone to hell!

I was out on the deck at about 8:00PM. It was still 94°F/34.4°C , but because the weekend is at hand, the constant noise of traffic on I-64 a quarter of a mile away was dying down, and I was serenaded by the strains of cicadas, playing their soothing summer symphony. It doesn't get anymore peaceful than that! Of course when one lands on your screen window, and decides to jam, it's another story!

A day without wig and makeup yesterday, was just too depressing, so despite the high temperature this evening, I opted for a lighter foundation than the full coverage foundation that I normally wear. I used a mineral foundation that I got from Sephora. It doesn't provide anywhere near the coverage I need, but since I wasn't going out anywhere, it was good enough, along with eye liner, mascara, a touch of blush, and a natural colored lip pencil, to soften the look of my hideous male visage. My wig has not been too hot this evening, either. The open weft wigs that I wear, let a lot of the heat escape.

Breaking News!

Big bonus! The public radio station that I am listening to at the moment, just started playing Dvořák's 7th! Absolutely one of my favorites!

Now then........what were we discussing? Oh yes! My wig and how comfortable it is, in spite of this infernal heat! It's a Jaclyn Smith wig from Paula Young. The style is called Kris. I wear a large cap size wig, and this wig is listed only as an average, yet it still works for me. It is very stretchy, and doesn't give me a headache to wear it, like most average size wigs do. I can't get it down low enough on my head for the ear tabs to fit in their proper place, but because the hair on the sides is so long, it will still cover the hair on my temples. The look is very natural, and I guess that's why I like it so much!

On a more somber note, I would like to mention that Daniel Schorr died today. He was one of the last of Edward R. Murrow's great proteges, and you could tell it, by the honest straight forward way that he always reported the news. He never kowtowed to anyone, and that earned him a #17 on Richard Nixon's infamous enemies' list, and being fired by CNN 24 years ago, for not revealing the identity of a source, in one of his reports. Daniel Schorr was a mensch! That's a rare commodity in today's world of journalism. He was 93 years old! Rest in peace Dan. The world is a lesser place without you!

Melissa XX


Anonymous said...

Dvorak No.7 Also one of my favorites although have not heard if in a while!

Caroline said...

I used to have, possibly still do somewhere an old plastic 7 th, Amsterdam Phil. I think. It was so good that even versions which I enjoy hearing just leave me wishing to listen to that old one one more time.

It is 11.20 and the temperature has soared to 69F!, melting in the heat! Sorry.

So glad you did not write "this is me without a little foundation". You had me worried with the picture sitting at the bottom of the page.

Caroline xxx

ms.shandy said...

Hope the heat wave ends soon, 104 degrees is just unbearable. So far, this week, the heat index has reached that a few times, but I think the actual high temp has hovered in the high 90's.

ms.shandy said...

And I love the new wig. It suits you very well.


Suzi said...

94 huh?...and you didn't have to wear a sweater?

Here in East Texas it's been about normal heat wise, but more humid. Yesterday was 96 with buckets of sweat on the side. Every summer I have to work in the heat makes me that much more anxious to retire. The only problem is, they don't pay carpenters enough to provide a comfortable retirement. Hmmm...maybe my wife can work until I die...yeah, that's

If it's any consolation, it has been about 115-120 in Phoenix. Now THAT's ridiculous...even if it is dry heat...sheesh.

Your wig really does look natural...and very cute.

I have a human hair wig that needs work. It tangles so easily, is kinda stiff and damaged acting. Help! from anyone with suggestions. I've tried lots of products that seem to have zero effect. It costs too much to abandon it for another wig.