Sunday, July 25, 2010

It Was Only 102° F Today!

That's 38.88892°C for my more enlightened readers. Heat index? A mere 109°F/42.77778°C

Please pray for us!

Great news! I can now communicate with two very lovely ladies. Laura Bennett's The World According to Laura, a Transgender Girl... and LeAnne's The lighter side of being transgender. Both are wonderful blogs by two perfectly lovely women! It would be well worth your while to give their blogs a visit!

And while we are on the subject of gaining access to each other's blogs, did you know that some people are unable to leave comments on your blog, if you use the embedded post comment box at the bottom of your post? It's true! And I'm not the only one who has problems with that format, so if you are wondering why some people never seem to respond to your blog, that could be why. For some reason or other, that format seems to be incompatible with some ISPs. Switching to either the pop up, or full page comment options in your blog setting, will insure that everyone will be able to communicate with you.

Now, a question about CD's. I've been trying to listen to my CD of Dvořák's 9th tonight and it keeps skipping! I have pulled it out of the CD player several times to wipe it off, but to no avail! It still skips. I hate this, because it's one of my favorites! I cannot see any scratches on the CD. Does anyone have a clue as to what might be wrong? Do I need to clean the CD with eyeglass cleaner? Apparently the laser is not picking up the tract in places.

Melissa XX


Rachel said...

I'm afraid I'm at a loss in helping you with your CD problem (that's CD=compact disk!). When mine start doing that they tend to get used as drinks coasters.

Probably the truth is that they end up like that because I use them as drinks coasters!

Stay Cool

Rachel XXX

Anonymous said...

Hell, if it has been 102 with a 109 humidity index, it's probably the heat warping the

Seriously, I don't know why it would be skipping if it's clean. Just a couple of suggestions: Make SURE it is clean but be careful about using any kind of solvents. I don't see why something like Dawn dish soap would be a problem but I'm no expert. When I clean mine, I just use the micro-fiber cloth I was given when I bought my eyeglasses. I've also heard of some kind of CD renewal polishes the scratches off. Have you checked the lens that the laser shines through? It also can get dirty. I don't know if that will entail any dismantling of the unit or not. I sometimes encounter "skipping" when I have the volume up too loud on my subwoofer. I have a set of Bose computer speakers and the subwoofer is right on the I love bass. The vibration of high volume can cause skipping.

You might consider trying to copy the disk onto your computer as a wave file. Use a CD program like EZ CD Creator or whatever. If it can't copy the program because of errors, it might just be the CD player giving up the ghost. To check that possibility, try playing the CD on a different player. With the CD creator program,(if it works) you can copy the disk and make a new one, or copy it to your hard drive and listen to it from there.

Cd players are pretty cheap if it comes to that. Hope this helps.

Stace said...

Good look with the CD player...

You could try cleaning it in normal water (the disk that is not the player ;p), maybe with a little washing up liquid.

When you dry it remember to dry from the center to the outside - that way *if* you should damage the disk whilst drying it the scratch should be covered by the error correction of the drive as it should be single digit. If you wipe in a circle and leave a mark then you will mark along the data track, which error correction will not be able to cope with.

Where along the CD is it skipping? It it's at the start then check the disc nearer the middle, if near the end then closer to the edge as the disks are played from the middle out.

There is an article here that has some more information:

But beware! I have not had time to read through it thoroughly so I can't promise that it's all good or correct!