Saturday, September 26, 2009

Crap! My Faorite Radio Station Just Went Off The Air!

That would be 91.10 FM, The University of Virginia's free form radio station (An absolutely wonderful non-commercial radio station by the way!). Apparently they stop broadcasting at 1:00AM. Well, it's Friday night, and I've been drinking wine, and I'm not anywhere close to shutting down for the night, thank you! So what am I to do? Well..........I switched to National Public Radio. Not bad. They are playing some absolutely beautiful harp music right now! Harp music, you ask? Who ever would have thunk it!

Harp music? Hell yeah! Bring on the Angels! And while you're at it, bring on the cherubs! I love those "cute little winged babes!

Melissa XX


The Crossdresser's Girlfriend said...

I'll have whatever you're drinking!
I love harps and angels too!

Stephanie said...

I'd rather postpone the harps and angels for a later date. Much later!


Melissa said...

@ Stephahnie

Well those harps and angels, yeah! I was kind of hoping they would come here for visit, not the other way around! lol

Calie said...

Our favorite girl does own an mp3 player, doesn't she? You can still drink wine with those thingies in your ears.

Calie xxx