Thursday, September 3, 2009

God Help Me!

I think I'm actually developing a taste for this swill........without the Splenda!


Lucy Melford said...

Melissa, that posting title was a bit strong! I thought you'd had some dreadful experience that had shaken you to the core. I galloped to your rescue - well, you got a priority mouse click - only to find...

On reflection though, maybe you were indeed undergoing a dreadful experience!

You could pour it all away, you know. Some would say it would be noble and high-minded to do so. Character-building.

Lucy X

Stephanie said...

No, No, No! You can't pour it down the drain! If nothing else, give it away. A novice like me wouldn't know the difference between good and bad. And besides, I was brought up to 'eat what you put on your plate', so I'd swallow it down even if it gaged me! (Oooo, that didn't sound very ladylike!)

caroline said...

Now we are living on a pension too I think we had better get used to drinking anything we can afford!


Caroline XXX