Saturday, September 12, 2009

Smooth Away

I just saw an ad for Smooth Away, a hair removing product , on TV. Here is what I have to say about Smooth Away:

Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!

Yes, Danger! I had the misfortune of falling for this horrible little product, about a year ago. What could be easier I thought, than gently abrading away my unwanted hair? What I didn't realize is, that unless your hair is super fine, you will not only abrade away your unwanted hair, you will abrade away your wanted skin, as well! After testing this product out on the backs of my hands, I went around for the next two weeks, with what looked like rug burns on them. The insidious thing about this little nightmare of a product is, that like a sunburn, you won't notice the damage, until it's too late. Fortunately, I didn't use it on my arms, torso, or legs, or God forbid, my nether regions.

My advice is, that unless you have nothing other than peach fuzz to remove, stay as far away from Smooth Away, as you can.


Leslie Ann said...

I'll just get the epilator you so heartily recommended instead.
"Bulk-Tweeze Away"

Stephanie said...

I've seen that ad. I had the foresight to realize that if you were to grind away the hair, the skin would go too. You would be just as well off to use sandpaper! OUCH!

Melissa said...

Sandpaper is a good analogy!

Melissa XX

Anonymous said...

My wife bought the kit you are talking about and we both tried it. My first reaction upon handling the stuff was that it really is nothing more than very fine sandpaper. I would guess anywhere from 300-600 grit...the kind they use to sand primer after application to a car. Buyer beware.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I used it for the fine hair on my upper lip, and my upper lip was sore afterwards. And the hair wasn't even all gone.