Friday, September 18, 2009

There Is No Statute Of Limitations For Great Music

I dearly loved Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon, when it first came out in the mid 70's. My God! I was in my mid 20's then! On Monday I will be 61 years old, but this wonderful work or art sounds just as good today, as it did back then! Here is just one little treasure from that wondrous work of art.


chrissie said...


Unlike some stuff from that period, it has not aged.


Melissa said...

I think it's the title, "Us and Them" that endears me so much to that song.(Gee, I wonder why?) I do so love Pink Floyd's music. Regardless o the tune, it just moves me.

Melissa XX

Jenny.J said...

One of my fav albums, just takes you off somewhere, I have the live version on pulse to, Us and Them, one of my fav tracks, just think it would have been better if they could have just finished that one off quickly instead of the usual Floyd way!

Also a big hawkwind fan, not sure if they made it across the pond?

Jenny x

Melissa said...

@ Jenny

Oh! I do remember Hawkwind, but Jenny, that was early mid 70's. You must have been just a little girl then!;-)

Melissa XX

Lori D said...

I've always been a Floyd fan since I was young. DSotM came out when i was born, and my dad used to play PF when we'd go fishing out on the lake in his boat. The rocking of the boat with the soft tunes resonating hooked me, and it hooked a few fish too, I swear!

Melissa said...

@ Lori

I was going to say, smart fish, but then they did allow themselves to get hooked. Rather unsportsmanlike of your dad, to mesmerize those fish, with the silky strains of Pink Floyd! lol

Melissa XX

Naukishtae said...

Well dear Heart.. you have done it to me again.. I almost fell for that 61, until i looked up in the corrner of my screan and saw you looking back, maybe all of 46.. and just possibly 44.. I think you try to tease us now and then. But.. if you don't hear from me before your blessing day.. A Very Happy Birthday...

Now, I know you probably will not believe this, but I had never heard Pink Floid, until you posted it.. now young lady.. do you know what this is going to cost me? I am now going to have to invest in some Pink Floid.. at least Dark Side of The Moon to start..

you know I am older than dirt.. but I never heard it before.. it is smooth, silky.. almost like a HighClass smooth Jazz.. probably a precursor.. better than most smooth jazz..

Anyway have a great 45th birthday.....Blessings..

Naukishtae said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, I hope you are out with friends celebrating.. be Blessed sweet One..

Calie said...

I love Floyd also! Perhaps another symptom of being TG?

As Chrissie knows, I am very into a group called Porcupine Tree. While they have their own sound, some in the group were big fans of Floyd in their younger years and this is well reflected in their music.

Calie xxx

caroline said...

Floyd and Kubrick!

Are we psychic twins?