Saturday, September 25, 2010

97 Degrees After The Autumnal Exuinox?

Well, it was the day after the Autumnal Equinox, but you certainly could have fooled me! The temperature topped out at 97°F/36.1°C! Shades of late July, and early to mid August! Actually, it wasn't just today, it's been in the upper nineties for the last few days. It seems as though, since summer had such a death grip on us for so long, she was really enjoying it, and simply didn't want to let go. She's had no concern for our suffering whatsoever. The bitch!

We get a summer like this every 7-10 years, or so. There is virtually no Spring, and by May, the temperatures are already up in the 90's . It stays that way through June and July, and into late August, then up and down through September. It's taken its toll on Virginia's reservoirs. They are all way below their normal banks, and municipalities are issuing restrictions on water consumption. No watering lawns, hosing down driveways, or washing cars!

Not a problem for me! Number one) I'm on a well. Number two) I have a gravel drive way, and number 3) my truck only gets washed whenever it rains!

Hey, I'm no fool! I've been thorough a much worse drought, and never lost my well water. In fact the last time we had a sever drought, the quality of my well water actually improved! In times of abundant rainfall, I get a large amount of black slate sediment in my water, but during periods of heavy drought, that slate sediment seems to vanish All I can chalk that up to, is the slower flow doesn't flush as much sediment out of the aquifer.

Near century mark temperatures or not, make no mistake about it, Autumn has arrived! The harvest moon is here! I tried to get a good picture for you, but with the humidity, the sky was just too hazy. So this Wikipedia Pic will have to do:

I also tried to get a shot of Jupiter, I don't know if you have ever looked at Jupiter, or Saturn through a telescope, but they are both sights you never want to miss, even if only on low power. I have a new telescope that I haven't used yet. I think it will soon be time to get it out. It's still a bit early. Tonight when I went out to take pictures of the moon, I was attacked by mosquitoes. A month from now those little buggers will be gone. Once they have gone into hibernation, planet and star gazing will be more practical. In the mean time, hear is a Wikipedia photo of the magnificence of Jupiter!

Someone here that I hold very dear (V), left a second comment on a recent blog of mine, apologizing for her earlier remarks. Of course there was no need for her to do that! I love her dearly , and respect her so much for what she has been through. It's very strange to to be apologized to by someone that you have always looked up to. You know who you are sweetie, and I want you to know that you could never, ever offend me! Don't ever be afraid to tell me the truth as you see it!

V has been a wonderful source of support for me, along with so many other perfectly lovely women. How could I not adore all of you? Just a little over a year ago, I was all alone. I may never reach the heights that many of you have, or will, but each and every one of you will always be a cherished sister to me.

Oh, and just in case you didn't know, V is for Veronica!

Melissa XX


Caroline said...

A ghastly cold has it's grip on me and I was awake in the middle of the night to see a clear star filled sky with a few wispy clouds illuminated by something like a full moon. The world was lit up clear enough to walk out without need of any extra help and not a soul was stirring. What an amazing show if you only get out and look.

high 52f low 39f here!

Caroline xxx

Halle said...

It is hard not to feel a bit sorry for city dwellers sometimes. Fresh sweet well water, for one.

Then their is the joy and feelings of wonder when seeing the night sky in its fullness; the moon with billions of stars and the planets too! Mars has been particularly bright this summer.

With some magnification, you can see four of the moons of Jupiter around it. Amazing.

Speaking of awesome, Melissa, you are a gem around here, and don't you forget it. When it comes to supporting others, where would we be without you!

I know we share an eclectic love of music, so here is a link to a piece I first heard in high school, and have always loved. Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity, from The Planets by Gustav Holst.

Arm around hug, watching that sky (after the mosquitos are gone) :P


Jenny said...

Stop it, we're in the first 8 degrees celsius (46f) daytime chill of autumn here and it's decidedly nippy of an evening. I wouldn't mind a bit of Indian summer here too!

Claire L Hallam said...

I'm with Jenny on this (even if I'm a few hundred miles west). We had frost this morning, (OK it didn't last long). The sun is just going down, the skies are clear, -it's going to be cold......and we refuse to turn the heating on this early in the year! I need to buy a nice coat!

Stace said...

Yup it's cold in Holland at the moment as well.

I'm going to have to wait until a clear night and see what I can see with binoculars in the night sky. I know not as much as telescope, but I hope I can at least see something.


Veronica said...

We're having a 70°F day here, but it won't last long. Autumn came early 'round these parts.

We have some of the best municipal water anywhere (open reservoirs with restricted access), but I do envy anyone who doesn't have the kind of light pollution we are stuck with. It's a treat whenever we happen to be in a place that's dark enough to see more than the brightest stars (and planets).

And even if I'm adorable, that doesn't mean I can say just anything to you. :) Some comments can get too personal.


Lisa Maria said...

Great Pictures. Isnt nature and the universe so facinating.