Friday, September 10, 2010

God Damnit!

I just spent several hours composing a post for my blog, and with one inadvertent keystroke, the whole god dammed thing disappeared! I'm getting more than a little tired of this, Blogger! What in the hell is wrong, and why can't you fix it?


Melissa said...

I shouldn't have to compose every god damned thing off-line, before I post it. I never had to before, why do I have to now?????

chrissie said...

Gosh, what a pain.

Isn't the Blogger's own editor workign for you?


ps, feel free to swear anytime!

Veronica said...

I dunno, Melissa. I compose every god damned thing offline as a matter of course, especially something I spend several hours doing. And if I'm taking a long time, I'll save it periodically, because Notepad doesn't have an auto-save thingie (as Word does).

Are you sure Blogger doesn't have a draft of what you wrote? Check your dashboard.

Melissa said...

@ Chrissie & Veronica

Blogger is not auto saving my posts as I compose them. I've gone back to edit posts, and older post are there, but not the draft I was working on. I guess I'll have to start composing everything in Word, and then transfer it to my blog when I'm done. I don't like having to take that extra step, but it looks like I'll have to if I want anything other than a short note to get published. Sorry for my intemperate language, but when that happens, I feel like I've been robbed, because I can never get those words back.

Melissa XX

Veronica said...

Weird that auto-save isn't working for you. I just did an experiment, and it saved a draft for me. I don't see a setting to turn that on or off.

Sorry, I was making fun of your intemperate language. :) I understand how frustrating it must be to lose a long post that you've worked hard on.

Anonymous said...

I've lost a few big posts too. My routine now is that just before I press the POST button, I copy everything to the clipboard. If everything goes doesn't save a draft or whatever...I've got it all one click away from being replaced. You can select text as you go along, or do it at the end. Every time you select it, it replaces what was there before. I don't know why Blogger seems to give you so much trouble. I don't think I've lost any blogs :)Suzi

Calie said...

I must say, Melissa, I just love Blogger. Can't recall ever having any sort of major issues and what bugs I've found they've fixed.

I tend to write my posts in another program and then just paste into Blogger but sometimes I create the entire post using Blogger's editor. I've never lost anything.

I wonder if it could have something to do with your internet connection?

Whatever you do, please don't go to Wordpress. I tend to avoid reading commenting on Wordpress blogs because it is such a pain.

Calie xxx