Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Well, The Blogger Beast Has Devoured Yet Another Post!

I composed half of it in Word, then pasted it here, then added to it, and saved constantly! When I went back to edit, the entire post vanished into thin air! I am thoroughly disgusted with Blogger! The problem that I have with using Word, is that it doesn't seem to match with blogger's protocols, so the text doesn't format properly, that is the margins are off. I don't have notepad on my I-Mac, so I don't know what else to do. This sucks out loud!

Melissa XX


Caroline said...

You are just making these announcements to cover the fact that you have not bothered to write a post! Probably just browsing the autumn fashions and lost track of time!

Caroline xxx

Melissa said...

Oh no! My BGFF thinks I'm a shallow material girl! :-(

I really don't know what is going on. A couple of weeks ago, I eliminated third party cookies, because some surreptitious creepy website that was advertising under a link for hormones, but was in reality a viagra site, installed a cookie on my computer that started emailing viagra ads to all my contacts. I wonder if getting rid of third party cookies is keeping blogger from saving my posts? I don't know. I'm a computer illiterate.

Melissa XX

Lucy Melford said...

One straightforward solution, Melissa, is to compose in Word (or indeed any document-producing program)without any special formatting whatsoever. Then save the entire Word document in PLAIN TEXT format. That done, copy the plain text from the new document and paste it into the 'New Post' template on Blogger. Then add your italics and other fancy stuff.

I don't see why your using a Mac should create problems with Blogger, but there could be something in that; however I know that Blogger definitely can't cope with the HTML tags in Word (the ones that specify which words are in bold, or indented, etc) and on my PC it simply refuses to save the text. But the plain text method works for me.


Rachel said...

I found this Youtube video with a pretty girl talking about TextEdit.


Perhaps you could give it a go :-)

Rachel X

p.s. I know nothing of apples except for the nice red one I am munching on at the moment

Halle said...

I have an old iBook, and use word, but as Lucy suggests, add the italics and bold after I cut and paste the text. The I-Mac shouldn't be causing a problem. I wonder what is up with Blogger.

I hope you get it fixed, whatever, 'cause I'm developing Melissa deprivation syndrome. MDS I guess :)

Caroline said...

I gave this a few seconds thought and the answer is so simple!

Pretend you are going to write an email on the mac mail, nice simple text program, copy to post.

Hope the blood pressure has reduced, it is a curse to loose those well written thoughts.

What are this seasons fashion tips BTW!

Caroline xxx

Veronica said...

I know poot about Macs, but I hope there is a text editor on the system. I think that would be better than Word. Or as Lucy suggested, save your Word document as text so avoid any formatting problems.

I wish I could be a fly on the wall to see why you are having such trouble with Blogger. No wait, not a fly on the wall -- a human friend visiting! :)

Stace said...

I'd really like to help, but after spending the last quater of a century using DOS and Windows I'm afraid I would not know where to start.


Jenny said...

What browser are you using, Melissa?

If you're a Mac user than I'm guessing Safari or Firefox.

Can I suggest you try authouring in the alternative and see whether you have the same problem?