Monday, September 20, 2010

Cards, Colorful Bags, Chocolate Cake, & Good Cheer

Getting off the elevator on the tenth floor of my mother's apartment building this evening, my nose was instantly greeted with the pleasant aroma of some truly wonderful cooking. My first thought was, supper is really going to be good tonight, but as I proceeded down the hall to my mother's apartment at the end of the building, the pleasant aroma faded. Rats! Someone else was going enjoy that delightful smelling meal. Then I opened my mother's door, I have my own key. Hmmm.......smell's pretty good in here too, I thought! I saw mom back in the kitchen, so I walked back there to say hello. She had her electric frying pan out, and she was frying up some beautiful plump and succulent looking chicken thighs!

My sister, niece and brother-in-law were out in the dinning room, and the table was already set. Sitting next to my usual place, were two colorful gift bags, and an envelope! Hurray! They didn't forget! I opened the card first. It was from my mother and as usual, a bit on the sappy side, telling me what a wonderful "son" I was. Mom....I'm afraid, will forever be in denial about who I am. I told her that I was trans years ago, but I have never forced the issue with her, and she has never pursued it. She has never seen me dressed, or even seen a picture of the real me. She will always see me as her son. Since she's three months shy of ninety years old, I'm content to leave it that way. Enclosed within her card, was a very nice little slip of paper, with my name, her signature and some lovely numbers on it! Thank you, mom!

Now it was time to examine the colorful bags. The first was from my niece. She's 42, but still a kid at heart, and apparently she wants me to be one too! There were two items in the bag, I pulled out the first. It was fireworks! A package of Roman Candles! I said, "Oh good! Now I can set the woods on fire!" Then I pulled out the second item. It was a kit containing 80 balloons, a balloon pump and an 80 page instruction manual, with over 175 step-by-step-photos, describing how to make balloon animals. For the past few days, I have had a big red zit incubating on the end of my nose. I said, "Perfect! I've already got the red nose! This is all I need to complete my clown act!" For the next 80 weeks, she is going to get a new balloon animal to take home with her each week, after Monday night supper.

The next colorful bag, was blue, tall and slender, with the words Happy Birthday inscribed in colorful contrasting letters. It was from my sister. There was an envelope protruding from the top. I picked it out, and opened it. It was a card with a cute little kitten, hanging out of a pocket. Unfortunately, I inadvertently left both cards at my mothers, so I can't precisely remember the exact caption, but it was something pretty close to, "I just have one question. How do you stay so adorable?" How very sweet! I just love my sister! I think she really gets it! Since I came out to her almost a year ago, she has taken times like these, to quietly acknowledge the real me. Last Christmas if you will recall, she gave me a very lovely feminine scarf to wear with my winter coat. She is such a dear!

There was a reason that the bag containing the gift she gave me, was tall and slender. It had to be, in order to accommodate the lovely bottle of Don Miguel Gascon Malbec she gave me. It comes from the high altitude vineyards of the Mendoza region, along the Cordillera of the Andes Mountains. I'm having a glass of it right now, and it's quite lovely!

Mom's chicken thighs were wonderful, and were accompanied by corn on the cob, baked acorn squash, sliced red ripe tomatoes, and cheese biscuits. For my UK readers, a biscuit here in the States usually refers to a small, typically round cake of bread, leavened with baking powder, baking soda, or sometimes yeast, not the sweetened shortbread cookie, you are probably used to. When every one was done with the main course, out came the chocolate birthday cake, and I was treated to a rousing rendition of the following song:

Happy Birthday to you!
You belong in a zoo!
You look like a monkey,
And you smell like one too!

Humiliating.........I know, but a cherished tradition in our weird little family. After an evening like that, 62 doesn't seem quite so bad.

Melissa XX


Stace said...

Sounds like a lovely evening.

My mum specifically asked me what card I wanted this year (Son or Daughter) - for the sake of my wife I opted for the former, it also makes sense for not having to take the card down when visitors who don't know come calling.

My sister in law on the other hand got me a wonderful card that did have to come down when visitors came :)

We need a weekly shot of the ballon animals BTW - sounds like fun.


(PS - Have you added the fire department to your quick dial in case of firework related emergencies ;p)

Caroline said...

At last I have my suspicions of what a biscuit is confirmed.

I had no idea that birthday cards HAD to be gendered! Thank goodness for sisters.

Glad you had a party and with baloons!

Caroline xxx

Halle said...

Somehow, around my circle of friends we always managed to find a way to make fun of getting older. My sister used to send us the 'over the hill' sort of cards all of the time. Now that she is in her forties, closing in on fifty, she seems to have moved away from that.

Anyhow, as mine would say, if they knew me even better, Happy Birthday ol'girl! Many happy returns.

Here is a song good friends rehearsed and sang for me a few years ago.

Enjoy your day!

Halle xxx

GirlWhoShould (Lucy) said...

Happy birthday :-)

Veronica said...

I'm glad you had such a nice birthday celebration! And congratulations on another sun-round. You didn't mention your brother-in-law, so I hope that means he behaved himself. :)

The Crossdresser's Girlfriend said...

Happy Birthday, Sugar Cakes!
My offer still stands-dinner in Greenville anytime you ever choose! You're beautiful and you looking stunning. I love reading of your dinners with Mom though I always wonder how you appear at that table. Certainly not the way I see you on here. Inside, it's all the same. I hope this is a wonderful new year for you! Love and adoration...

The Crossdresser's Girlfriend said...

And the biscuit know my sister lives in England and southern biscuits are my nephews and ex brother in laws favorites. Dave tried so hard to get Carey to learn how to make them.

Elly said...

Happy Birthday Melissa!


Melissa said...

@ Stace

I accidentally left both of my cards at my mother's apartment. I just wonder what she is going to think, when she see's the one my sister gave me. As far as I know, she doesn't know that I told my sister and my niece about me.

Dialing 911 on any phone here in the States, will get the police and fire department to respond. Fortunately, there is fire department just two miles down the road from here. I think the Roman candles will have to wait until Independence Day though, and then be carefully launched out over the pond!

@ Caroline

Biscuits are especially popular in the American south. They are probably one of the unhealthiest forms of bread you can eat. They are basically nothing more than refined white flour and lard, but they are tasty, especially when you add even more fat in the form of cheese! I was a good girl though, and limited my self to just one.

@ Halle

Thanks! Your birthday song is a riot! Were those your friends in the Video?

@ GWS(Lucy)

Thanks, sweetie!

@ Veronica

Thanks! My brother-in-law said last week, that he wasn't going to be there, but he showed up anyway, because he doesn't have to leave for his trip up north until Wednesday. Thankfully, he did behave himself. For the last couple of weeks, he hasn't been as manic as usual. He must be back on his meds. I hope he stays on them, because he is going up to Connecticut for a high school reunion, and I know he wants to make a good impression on his old high school chums. When he can keep his ego in check, he isn't a bad guy at all.

Melissa XX

Melissa said...

@ The Crossdresser's Girlfriend

Thanks, sweetie! Yes, I'm strictly in male mode for supper at mom's, but I don't mind, now that I have the confidence of my sister and niece!

@ Elly


Halle said...

My friends didn't do the costumes, just the dirge. That is not them. None of us is 'ready for prime time' ;P

Ahh, biscuits, southern style. It was on our way to FL quite a few years ago that I received one of my old 'nicknames': Biscuit Boy! These days, I think I might show more restraint, but needless to say, 'many' biscuits were consumed that evening (mainly by me).

Claire L Hallam said...

Happy Birthday Honey!
.....where can I find such lovely wait, I must resist. Drink a glass for me!

Melissa said...

@ Claire

Thank you, Claire! Do you get Pillsbury products where you live? Maybe you can find them in your grocery store's frozen or refrigerated sections. Biscuits

Melissa XX

Anonymous said...

I know I'm chiming in late here, but Happy Birthday, anyway! :) I'm glad you had such a great evening... humiliating traditions notwithstanding. My family has some pretty strange traditions, too :)

Sending love your way,

Melissa said...

@ Elizabeth

Thanks, Elizabeth! You're a sweetheart!

Melissa XX

Dru Marland said...

and a happy post-birthday from me too! Now I'm going to have to look up recipes for american biscuits. If you think they're unhealthy, by the way, how about lardy cake? -v popular oop north. The name hints about the content...

Anonymous said...


Melissa said...

@ Suzi

Thanks, sweetie!

Melissa XX