Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh boy! Was that ever good!

This post was written last night, but it got too late to post it, so here it is tonight!

As for the title of this post, I'm speaking of the spicy chicken wings I just got through munching on. Fried chicken wings, and cayenne pepper, yum! I went to the grocery store today, and as I've stated before, as soon as you enter the store with your cart, your senses are assaulted with the sight and smell, of warm roasted whole chickens, and fried chicken appendages. Even though I just had lunch a little over an hour earlier, they were still too much to resist. So I bought a ten pack!

I did restrain myself though. I only ate five. The remaining five will be left to fortify another weak moment! You can fortify a weakness, by giving into it, can't you?

What's that you say?.....You can't?! Oh, well.......then shame on me! I've experienced shame before........I can handle it again!

I thought I would drive to the store today, because tomorrow Tropical Storm Nicole will be barreling up the East Coast, and combining with a low pressure that has already been giving us abundant rain, both yesterday and today, and give us even more rain, and potentially strong winds. It was weird. Just a week ago it was in the upper 90's, and today the high was in the lower 60's. I had to wear a long sleeved shirt and a rain jacket.

The trip revealed that the trees in the Piedmont, have finally had it for this year. They are all in the early stages of withdrawing their chlorophyll from their leaves. Most leaves haven't turned gold, orange, red or amber yet, but they are much paler than the dark green they were only a month ago. The poplars and the weak woods on the other hand, seem to be in a rush to get it over with! The tulip poplars are already turning yellow and shedding their leaves like mad, while the weak woods are turning shades of red and orange and even purple! In three weeks to a month from now, the entire Piedmont will be at peak color.

I took the trash to the dump today, on the way to the grocery store. I tried to take as many fruit flies with me as possible, but the stirring of the bags as I cinched their tops, seemed to upset some of them, and a few escaped. This evening while eating supper, the ones remaining decided to join in. They were especially fond of my glass of wine, so I poured a bit in a glass just for them.

Here is my thought: The little fools! They're thinking, "Oh, boy! A glass of wine just for us!" They are probably such lushes, that they will dive right in for swim, and quickly become so inebriated that they drown! Well..........that's what I thought anyway! Turns out, they are more like glue sniffers! They just congregate on the sides of the glass, and get high on the alcohol fumes wafting up from the glass! Back to the drawing board!

I can't believe the bravery of one of our girl friends here on Blogger! Lisa just began her RLE (real life experiment) this week, and has already booked herself a solo flight to the Isle of Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, for a week's vacation all by herself! Is she a brave girl, or what?! Lisa, you make us all so proud! Upon your return, we will be expecting a full accounting of your trip, accompanied by lots of pictures!

As the cool rain pours down, and splashes off of the A/C unit outside my window, I am listening to my favorite college radio station, WTJU. The TJU stands for Thomas Jefferson University, more commonly known, as the University of Virginia. The establishment of UVA was Jefferson's idea, and he did much of the design for the campus. It was the first university established around a library, instead of a church. Jefferson was one of America' most independent thinkers, and WTJU reflects that attitude, with a very eclectic, free form format. It's such a great break from commercial radio, and even from public radio, which is now having its horrid semi-annual fund drive, where they constantly break into your shows every ten minutes, and drive you crazy with their incessant yammering, about how it's our duty to to send them as much money as we can afford, all day long, for two solid weeks! WTJU is not affiliated with National Public Radio, but they are publicly supported too, however they seem to be able to do it with minimal disruption to their programs, and without boring you to death with incessant obnoxious pleas and platitudes.


24 hours later:

The remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole, have been dumping copious amounts of water on us all day, but it seems to have now moved off to the northeast.

I haven't yet heard any reports about flooding, because all of the heavy rain has completely drowned out even my strongest digital broadcast TV signals. Stinkin' digital TV!

In 2004 the remnants of Hurricane Gaston stalled over Richmond, and dumped everything it had on the city for hours on end. Richmond has a flood wall to keep flood waters from the James River out of the city, but this time the water was not coming downstream, it was coming from above. Well.....the city's custodians, never thought to open the gates to the flood wall, so when all that rain came down, it had no where to go! The City's Shockoe Bottom (the lowest point in town), suffered a flash flood that submerged the first floor of all of the bars, restaurants, art galleries and other businesses in the bottom! It cost millions to restore the damage!

Tonight I'm reflecting on some of the wonderful people I have come to know here on blogger over the last year and half. If I don't mention you tonight, don't fret. I love you all and will eventually get around to you too!

There is a lovely girl in Scotland, who wasted no time in welcoming me to Blogger, and giving me her friendship! You all know her as Caroline, but I know her as my BGFF! We are both Sisters of the Order of the Immaculate Epilation! We embrace immaculately hairless bodies, as a sacrament of our sisterly order, and of course we both view the epilator, as a sacred device! A smooth hairless hug to you, Caroline!

I have already mentioned our brave and wondrous little goddess, Lisa, who is now off to the Canary Islands all by herself, after just coming out full time! Where does this dear little woman get her nerve to conquer all obstacles in her path? I am so proud of her!

Next is Lucy! This lovely girl has survived the horrible ordeal of cancer! Now she is planning her future, as the woman she has always known she was! She is adorning her body with images that speak to her heart. Before I met Lucy, I was never a fan of tattoos on women, but this dear sweet girl has described the tats she has and wants to get, as an expression of her very soul. What I once found strange, I now find beautiful! Thank you Lucy, for opening up my eyes! You are truly a beautiful woman! I must confess, I have had to wipe away a few tears here!

And then there is Jenny, "The Large Blooming Flower"! All seven beautiful feet of her! I don't think I have heard of a more beautiful relationship, than what she and her understanding wife have! Far from being a menacing hulking giant, Jenny is a lovely sweetheart, dedicated to supporting her trans sisters. She is definitely an inspiration to all of us, especially us tall gals!

I would be remiss to not mention a sweet and intelligent sister up in Ontario. Of course I am speaking of Halle, who shares my taste for some very beautiful classical music, but also has a heart of pure gold! Thanks Halle, for being my friend, and for sharing not only your music, but your personal experiences with me!

Then skipping on down to Florida, we find Elly! Our road running Gold Coast girl! Elly, like Jenny is another sweetheart, whose wife has reluctantly accepted her trans status, and is trying hard to understand and accept it. A warm embrace to both Elly and her dear loving wife! Elly by the way, recently had to endure an episode of police harassment, while out taking a jog. Is there a Bronze Star equivalent for trans-people, who have to endure the assaults of the ignorant and the malevolent? If not, their should be, and Elly deserves one!

Now, there is an adorable natal woman down in North Carolina, who goes by the name of, The Cross Dressers Girlfriend. I have a great affinity for her, because long ago, I once thought that I was merely a cross dresser, and longed to have a girlfriend like her, who embraced my gender variance. I have long since realized, that I am way past being simply a cross dresser, but a part of me still adores girls like her. After all, I am a lesbian at heart, but I could never be the man her cross dresser is, and the man that she needs! Besides, I'm old enough to be her mother, for crying out loud! Joni, you do know that I adore you!

These are just some of the wonderful people I have met here on Blogger over the last year and a half. If I failed to mention your name, it doesn't mean for one second that I adore you any less. Of course I love you too! I'm just running out awake time, and if I continued on, I afraid I couldn't do you justice. Later my lovelies!

Melissa XX


Sophie said...

It is STILL raining down here. The weather radar looks like it is clear but we're having showers. Locally we got 9+ inches from the storm, I think the "official" total was 5.62 for yesterday alone and it's been raining off and on since Monday. What a mess.

Sarah Murphy said...
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Sarah Murphy said...

Stinkin digital TV is right. With analog you get a fuzzy picture, but at least you get a picture. Outside antennae blow away in heavy storms and rabbit ears don't give enough signal. Seems when you really need it, the darned thing doesn't work. You have an attic? Great place for an antenna. It's high but sheltered. Just a thought.


Veronica said...

Glad you did not get drowned by Nicole, even if your TV signal did. Hard to believe that we're already at "N." And not done yet!

Amy K. said...

Okay, I'm trying not to fret. Who can compete with such an all-star lineup anyway? Oh yes, you wrote that the epilator is a "scared" device. Ironic, when most people are scared of it as well! :P

Melissa said...

@ Sophie

Reminds me of a line from Bill Cosby's old Noah routine. "How long can you tread water?" :-D

@ Sarah

I have a good outside antenna, but I live in between two cities and I'm outside of the optimum range for both. Even on a good day I rarely get a signal strength over 50%. Once the signal dips below 30%, I loose picture and sound. several of the stations have transmitter problems, because their signal strength oscillates wildly and picture just keeps coming in and out. Worthless!

@ Veronica

Yes, were up to N already, but fortunately most of the storms have stayed out in the Atlantic this season. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way.

@ Amy

Thanks for pointing out my misspelled word. Sometimes I think I have dyslexic fingers, because I often type words with some of the letters in reverse sequence.

Melissa XX

Stace said...

Reading the issues that you have with digital TV I'm so pleased that we have digital cable here... (When they build houses they plumb the cable in from the start so it's the defacto way of watching TV here). Still, you get really blocky pictures from time to time.

I have a love hate relationship with my epilator. It hurts, but at least the results mean I can then ignore my legs for the next two or three weeks, as opposed to shaving where I need to do it every week.


(BTW I just tried to comment on your new post but blogger won't let me)

Jenny said...

Thank you Melissa, I'm not sure I deserve such praise.

It is I who should be thanking you, for transporting us to the Virginia Piedmont, much more exciting than my damp Oxfordshire.

Do you not have satellite telly?

Melissa said...

@ Stace & Jenny

I had satellite TV, but I need an unobstructed view of the southern sky at 30° up. There were a few holes through the trees that I used to be able to get a signal through, but the trees have grown and filled in the gaps, so until all the leaves fall off, I can't get a satellite signal either.

Melissa XX