Thursday, January 13, 2011

Memories of My First Sock Hop

The DJ would announce that this was the last song of the night, then suddenly an emotional connection that had eluded us for the entire evening would take over, as we tenderly embraced our dance partners for those few final moments. Keep in mind, that this was during the seventh grade!

Melissa XX


chrissie said...

Ah.... nothing like a bit of nostalgia.. :-)

And one of my fav songs, too.


Anji said...

You don't look old enough to remember the 50s!

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Stace said...

'Tis a wonderful song!

It may be blasphemy, but the drummer from Bon Jovi does a wonderful version as well...


Jenny said...

Thinking back to sweaty '80s teen discos I think you had a better choice of final tracks!

Hey Viv ! said...

I love Patsy Cline ! Thanks for posting this video.