Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Well.....The Big Snow Storm Passed..........

...........and all I got was this lousy dusting! All kidding aside, a mere dusting is the best kind of snowfall of all! Here today, gone tomorrow!

So the whirlpool tub, filled in anticipation of a power outage and my well pump not working, is now a reservoir of evaporating water, ameliorating the effects of the dry electric heat. I'm not much into whirlpool baths anyway. I've only used mine once in the 18 years I've lived here, and it's taking up a quarter of the space in my master bath. I'm seriously considering adding some aquatic plants, and turning it into a koi pond!

Take care everyone, and stay warm.
Melissa XX


Lisa Maria said...

Whirlpool Bath!!!!
You wouldnt get me out of it if I had one. :-)
Glad the weather is improving for you.

Caroline said...

Why not try trout? They would become really firm fleshed like wild grown if they were swimming against the whirlpool.

Caroline xxx