Friday, January 14, 2011

The Night Visitor

It was a hot summer night in 1973, and I was sitting in a recliner in my urban, bottom floor apartment, watching a small black and white television set. The unscreened window was open to facilitate a cool breeze through the stifling hot apartment. All at once, an image appeared in the corner of my left eye. I turned my head, and sitting on the open window sill, was an orange tabby tom cat, staring directly at me. He had a friendly look on his face, so I began to talk to him. "Hey buddy boy, come on in and say hello!"

He found my invitation to his liking, and hopped down from the widow sill, then sauntered on over to me. We made an instant connection! I reached down, and like an old pal, he began rubbing furiously against my compliant fingertips.........his cat motor loudly purring his contentment!

He spent the next hour or so watching TV with me, until he decided it was time to exit the same way he came in. Up upon the window sill he jumped, then back out into the night, never to be seen again! I thoroughly enjoyed our serendipitous encounter, but it wasn't until a few days later that I realized the full impact of his visit, when I began to notice itchy red bites on my ankles. My feline friend it turns out, had infested my carpet with fleas! It was so bad, that for a few days I actually contemplated wearing flea collars on my ankles! A thorough hosing down of the carpet with a super size can of Raid only proved to be temporary fix, and eventually I had to fog the entire apartment to finally rid myself of the plague.

I don't hold it against my night visitor. He meant no harm. To this day I still love all creatures great or small, but I never allow them past my doorstep........or window sill.

Melissa XX


Caroline said...

So, if one of us was in the neighbourhood, even with a certificate to show we were not infested, you would not let us in? Would you give us a drink outside on the deck?

Caroline xxx

Amy K. said...

I feel itchy just reading this!

Naukishtae said...

Vitamin B Complex daily, and eucalyptus leaves will keep the fleas away.. three dogs and a cat inside.. I never get a flea bite.. which brings me to my own night visitors.. back in 1987, I lived alone in a ground floor apartment and I heard a noise and in my peripheral vision I could see a grey tabby cat walk through the room, but when I turned to get a better look she was gone.. I saw her several times after that walking or lying down in my apartment, but only in the corner of my eye.. she was a ghost.. a lovely cat.. but still a ghost….

Naukishtae XX

Calie said...

Melissa, what a nice post! As I was reading, I was sure you were going to say that you got poison ivy from the cat brushing across your ankles, because that has happened to me.

@Caroline - Loved your comment, girl!

Calie xxx

Anonymous said...

We had to fog our whole downstairs twice, vacuum floor and couch daily, we had to remove all cushions and strip the couch eventually of its covers after two weeks of this whole routine we were free of them but boy I agree with you, never again. I was constantly embarrased a friend would see one of their clothes or legs and not say anything at the time but never come around again!
The only night visitor I want these days is Mr. Sandman. Can't sleep!!!

hugs Helen xx