Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where Has My Inspiration Gone?

It's mid winter, and I've lost my muse once again. The selfish bitch!.....she tends to desert me this time of year, preferring to wonder off and hibernate in a cave somewhere, leaving me to my own devices. I suppose I will just have to hobble along somehow without her.

Last month I had one of my largest electric bills in 18 years! Yes, it's been that stinkin' cold! Thanks though to the powers that be, heavy snows have not accompanied the frigid temperatures we have had to endure so far this winter. Last winter was a nightmare of successive heavy snows, beginning in mid December and occurring throughout January and February. By luck, the nor'easters have stayed either too far inland, or too far off coast to laden us with heavy snows this winter. We have had four light snows, but because the temperature have remained so low, they've taken weeks to melt, and the pond has been frozen for over a over a month now. Last night the mercury dipped down to 11° F/-11.6° C! That's just too much! Even with the heat on, you have to stay wrapped in a blanket!

Tonight was supper at Mom's, and she treated us to an enjoyable meal of shrimp in an Alfredo sauce on brown rice, with baby carrots sautéed in butter, brown suger and cinnamon, and a lovely tossed salad, of lettuce, red onion, cucumbers and tomatoes. Apple turn overs, or Cherries Jubilee ice cream, or both if desired, was the choice for desert. Well.......as the old saying goes........"You scream, they scream, we all scream for ice cream!".......so I had to go for the Cherries Jubilee! It was just the Krogers brand with no sugar added, but it tasted remarkably like Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia, with bits of maraschino cherries, and chunks of dark chocolate in cherry ice cream. Yum!

My beloved sister will be celebrating her 67th birthday next week, We have yet to decide when and where we will be taking her for her birthday supper, but you can rest assured it will not be at Red Lobster! The last time I talked to her about it, she mentioned Ruby Tuesdays. They have the most wonderful lean buffalo burgers! I don't often eat red meat, but I do enjoy it when given the chance. A good steak, or a great burger is hard to beat.

While in he grocery store, I tried to find her an appropriate birthday card. They had an entire aisle dedicated to greeting cards on both sides, and it took me the better part of a half an hour to find a humorous card that wasn't completely lame! 99% of them were so stupid, that they didn't elicit even the slightest grin! You would think that card companies would hire witty, intelligent writers, but most seem to hire, second graders! Finding a humorous, witty, or truly poignant card has nearly become an exercice in futility. Fortunately after close to 30 minutes, I found something sort of retro femme centered, that I hope will appeal to her sophisticated sense of humor. If not dear sweet sister, then I sincerely apologize! Where is Gary Larson and his Far Side cartoon cards when you need a funny caption?

Hard to believe my sister is turning 67! It kind of scares me, even though she clearly looks much younger. I'm so lucky to have her! If you knew her you would understand. She really is an intelligent, sweet and wonderful woman. I love her so!

Melissa XX


Caroline said...

I've just spent the weekend away with a great crowd of people, many around that age. Some were not moving around too quickly and their hair was thinning but otherwise they might have been a lot of teenagers from all the noise and fun created. I've never heard anyone serenaded with a birthday song with such intensity and enthusiasm, people kept coming in from other parts of the hotel to see what on earth was going on!

There are many of us out here longing for your muse to return, may she do so soon.

Caroline xxx

Two Auntees said...

The meal sounds delicious, and no mention of "You Know Who", sound promising......it has been so cold down this way also. The weather thermometer has been bouncing around all over the place. Lots of rain, and just rain; glad the rain doesn't coincide with the low temperatures.

Stay warm, lots of blankets!

Ariel said...

It's a curious thing that this corner of the world, north of the 49th parallel, is so much warmer than where you are. Hope your spring is not too far away!

Before I went to the office for three days, I was about to write to my mother that the previous two weeks had been about the least eventful that I could remember in some time. It's that time of year. But February is coming.

Stace said...

We are currently hoverng around the +5c mark and very wet. It's going to get dryer towards the end of the week - but we are going to see the temperatures you mention! I'm looking forward to it, not!

Enjoy the meal, and the burger (sounds very nice).


BTW Have you checked under to sofa for your muse - it's amazing the things that can run away inder there. Failing that try the vacume cleaner - you may have hovered it up by mistake :)

Jenny said...

A grey and dull 7 celsius here in the southern UK, and no sign of your muse here either. Maybe she's lounging on a sunny Caribbean beach somewhere.

helenchapel2 said...

I think your description of the meal you enjoyed was full of inspiration.....It made me want ice cream and Cherry is one of my favourite!

I miss Gary Larson too! His surreal humour is unique and hilarious. I love this one too.
Nature abhors a vacuum...who else could put that image into your head and it make a kind of sense!

Here temps are balmy compared to what you have endured so I will shut up about my cold feet just now :)

Warm hugs
Helen xx