Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Blizzard of 2009!

13" seems to be the total amount of snow that fell here in a little more than 28 hours, although that's deceptive, because it was a wet snow that compacted a lot. It's still coming down, but according to the radar, it should be ending soon. It's dark now, so no digging out until tomorrow.

These pictures were taken from my back door. The one above, is the steps leading up to the rear deck.
Here's a shot looking out over the rear deck, into the back yard, and no, I have no intention of shoveling the entire deck. I'm no fool! I'll just clear a path to the steps and then clean the steps off. My driveway is gravel, so I won't be shoveling that either. Before it started snowing yesterday, I parked the truck at the top of the driveway, just off the road, because the driveway is on an incline. I have four wheel drive, and wouldn't have any problem driving out of anything less than 10", but I remember a 15 " snow we had back in 96" and the truck plowed up so much snow in front, it finally stopped the truck's forward progress.
As you can see, I'm already beginning to get some wicked looking icicles, from melt water off the roof. I'm hoping I won't get an ice dam along the edge of the roof. That can cause melt water to back up under the shingles, and run down the inside of the exterior walls. It happened during the Blizzard of 96, and it left water stains on the walls.

I'll try to get some more pictures, when I finally dig out of here tomorrow, and clear off the truck. Tonight I'm watching a cute, sappy Christmas movie; Tim Allen's, The Santa Clause 2, and fighting back sniffles, between the laughs. I always get choked up watching sappy movies, especially when they involve a Christmas theme. Christmas and the belief in the Santa Clause myth, were some of the most wonderful parts of my childhood.

To Keri, Sunny and others north of here, stay hunkered down and safe, until it's over. Stay off the roads until they are clear. People below the Mason-Dixon Line think they know how to drive in frozen weather, but they really don't. Virginia had over 4,000 wrecks, between yesterday and today!

Melissa XX


Two Auntees said...

Oh, wow! I have always lived in south Ga and have never experienced snow like you have now. I was "snowed in" a couple of times in Atlanta. You are right about people below the Mason-Dixon line and the further south you get the less we know how to drive in snow. I would be totally freaked out in that much snow!

Stay safe and warm.

Naukishtae said...

Oh Melissa.. I envy you so much.. Your courage first, I know, you don't think you are.. You Are.. Being retired Second.. Gawd.. I long to be retired.. Living where you are Third.. beautiful out there, peace and quiet..

I wish you a great Holiday Season, stay safe, and be blessed..


Two Auntees said...

Great pictures, reminds me of the places I have lived where there were big snow storms. El Paso, Germany, Missouri, Wyoming and Virginia.
Good memories, had fun

caroline said...

Icicles are something from myth and legend, you must have photoshopped them.

We just have sheet ice where there was half melted snow. The freeze thaw through the winter breaks the roads up and rips out holes. Shame the government has spent most of the last couple of years building lumps in the road to slow traffic and damage suspension! All that material could have gone towards repairing the holes and cracks there already.

Thanks to my practice skids the other day I felt brave enough to go and collect broken arm girl to get her to a party, sent her home with someone else so that I could have a few glasses of wine.
Carol singers are on their way according to bush telegraph so I phoned CS central and put in a request for Julie's favourite carol, I requested something with a disco beat!

Take care on those roads.

Caroline XX

Keri Renault said...

Sage advice, Melissa. None of us could escape our own street till this morning. And it was only doable after neighbors banded together to open the street. Our deck? Like you--forget about it? We did move a car away from dangerous icicles just waiting for the sun to reincarnate them as earthbound torpedos! Happy Sunday.

Samantha said...

Oh dear, I'm so jealous! I'm a New England girl at heart, grew up in the land of subzero temps and having to find your car before you could dig it out. Here in Cincinnati (the farthest south I've ever lived in recent (this life) memory we got a dusting from the same storm that buried you and others further north and east of here. So take your time digging out (don't over due the digging part) and drive very carefully once you do get the truck out. Always remember that the best way to use 4WD is to go until you can't go on 2WD and then get unstuck with 4. Also remember that while 4wd can make you go like crazy, it doesn't make you stop any faster or better.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how dangerous but also beautiful nature can be.
I am glad you are ok.