Friday, December 11, 2009

There's Something Funny Going On.

I was having problems with my wireless connection last night, and this morning I could not connect at all, so I disconnected my wireless modem, and plugged in my old dial-up modem. I had forgotten how infernally slow dial-up was, but once I was able to get logged on and into Blogger, I discovered I had all of my Blogger editing tools back again, and was once again able to post comments on all blogs. The only trouble was, because it was dial-up, it sometimes took several minutes for a page to load in.

I had to go to the dump this afternoon, so I shut everything down, and when I came back I decided to try the wireless connection again. Apparently Verizon fixed whatever was ailing their servers, because I was able to log on without a hitch, but now that I'm back on my wireless connection, my Blogger editing tools are gone again, and once again, I can no longer post comments on any blogs that don't have the pop-up window enabled. This vexes me! I'm using the same computer, and the same Firefox browser that I was using this morning. The only difference is, that this morning I was connecting via a dial-up modem, and now I'm connecting via a wireless modem. Why should that make any difference? How is it possible, that an otherwise fully functioning connection, would prevent me from fully utilizing all of Blogger's functionality? Enquiring minds want to know!

Melissa XX


Leslie Ann said...

Is it a coincidence that you post a bold-faced blasphemy and your wireless goes out? I think not. I suspect the Illepilati were involved.

Sophie said...

Poltergeist. Sorry, but I don't do housecalls up to your neck of the woods. Who provides your dialup service? Your wireless service? The difference is probably the settings you are getting for your network connection from your ISP. Not to get all geeky on you, but the first thing I would look at is what DHCP is giving you. Clear as mud?

Melissa said...

@ Sophie

I get dial-up from AT&T, and wireless from Verizon. And I don't even know what DHCP is. The thing is, I have had periods where everything worked just fine on my wireless connection too. It was fine up until just a couple of weeks ago and then one day it wasn't.

Melissa XX

Calie said...

Well, Melissa, when I have these kind of problems, I just go to my two smart girlfriends, Rebecca and Nicky. One of them generally has the answers.

Calie xxx