Saturday, December 12, 2009

Well, Now You've Gone And Done It!

I just came out on a message board, that heretofore had no idea that I was trans! Of course I owe this little bit of outrageous boldness to all of you! Oh yes, YOU! Don't deny it now! It's you, who have decided that you would rather be girls, than boys, who have so greatly influenced me! You know how suggestive I am!

Melissa XX


caroline said...

Surely as the high priestess of silky legs it is you who have led us into temptation. no point acting all coy with us love.

Caroline XXX

chrissie said...


I suppose you intend to litigate?


Two Auntees said...

Just who let the cat out of the bag? Ever watch a tower built out of child's blocks tumble? First a card from you sister, not this; just take some sweet cake over to your neighbor and introduce Melissa---just a thought!