Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Well, Now I feel Like Fool!

I think I'm just a worrywart! I could have sworn my right rear tire looked low, when I examined it yesterday afternoon, but when I pulled into the parking lot of the local garage today, it looked just fine. I still didn't believe my eyes, so I got out my tire pressure gauge, and it read over 35 lbs. My driveway isn't paved, so maybe the uneven surface I was parked on was slightly distorting the tire. Anyway, I decided to have my oil and filter changed while I was there, and asked their mechanic to check the tires, just to be sure. He said they looked fine to him. It was two days ago that I put air in that tire, so I guess it's OK if it has held that long.

Now I have another theory as to why that tire was 15 lbs down in pressure on Monday. When I came home from my mother's on Monday night, I saw two teenage boys walking together in the dark. I noticed that the valve cover was missing from the tire in question, and I had never taken it off myself. Now I'm wondering if these boys were out roaming the neighborhood the night before, and since my truck was parked out next to the road instead of down my driveway next to my house, maybe they decide it would fun to let some air out of my tire. In once sense that would be good, because it would confirm that the tire wasn't damaged. On the other hand, it's bad news if indeed we have teenage hooligans running the neighborhood at night. It wouldn't surprise me if they did it. They are typical thoughtless teenage boys. They live in the neighborhood, and they have a dune buggy that they tear up and down the neighborhood roads on at breakneck speeds, often driving off of the road and leaving ruts in the grassy margins. I asked them once not to drive on the grass, and the home owners association added a note to the monthly newsletter, to mind the 15 mph speed limit, and stay on the gravel surface, but they continue to do it anyway. Hoodlums.

Melissa XX


caroline said...

One of life's perpetual problems, some would say they are just having fun but playing with tyres is tantamount to attempted murder.

Caroline XXX

Anonymous said...

I dont want to get on my high horse, but I dont think people teach children right from wrong enough.
They just dont seem to realise that actions have consequences.
Like you say though it could save you some money if it turns out they did do this.

alan said...

My driveway does that to me; Dad mixed and poured it himself and after 50 years it's not exactly even anymore...

It's really sad we have to worry about taking care of the things we already took care of because of the thoughtlessness of others, be they children or grown!

Merry Christmas, my friend; I hope you have a great one!


Melissa said...

@ Alan

Merry Christmas to too my friend! You are a sweet guy!

Meilssa XX

Leslie Ann said...

I saw what you wrote, but I heard something else. It sounded like, "Damn kids! Get outta my yard!"