Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Sister Is So Sweet!

I went up to the mail boxes this afternoon, to collect my mail, and noticed an envelope addressed to Melissa. It caught my eye, because other than catalog purchases, most of my mail comes addressed to my male name. I was expecting something addressed to Melissa from a certain someone, but when I looked at the return address, I noticed it was from my sister. She had sent me a Christmas card, and addressed it not to the brother she has known all of her life, but to the girl who came out to her just a few short months ago. That brought a huge smile to my face, followed almost instantly, by a welling up of tears in my eyes! She is such a beautiful woman, in mind, body, and spirit, and I just love her so much!

Melissa XX


Lori D said...

Aww, that was so sweet! I remember my own sister telling me in her first response to my coming out that she "always wanted a sister!" So happy for you! I bet it made your entire day!

Anonymous said...

You're all making me cry! Chrissie has such a sister, too. I haven't told my sister about myself yet, for reasons I wrote about over the summer. I envy anyone with family members who accept them as the women they are. A truly selfless gift, indeed.


Leslie Ann said...

How wonderful! It's so gratifying when the family comes along on the journey.

caroline said...

Damp eyes here too. Once she had seen your photographs, how could she do otherwise. That is such a sweet thing to do, perhaps you will be able to go out together as sisters in the future and catch up on lost time.

Caroline xx

Amy K. said...

Your sister is wonderful! I would've bawled. She should talk to MY sister and teach her a thing or two. Gotta make this post short, as my fingers are tired from writing out Christmas cards. ;)


alan said...

My eyes are welling up from here...

May this be just the beginning of your holiday surprises!


Two Auntees said...

Alan might just be right, the holidays are a magical time for revealing things.

Calie said...

I simply loved this post, Melissa!

My sister doesn't know. I often wonder if she is trans. I doubt I will ever tell her, but who knows?

And what about this certain someone?

Calie xxx