Monday, May 24, 2010

Boy or Girl?

Completely forget for a moment if you will, the pink and the blue clothes. Which of these twin babies do you think is a boy, and which is a girl? To me it's quite obvious. The cute stout little fella on the left, although dressed in pink, is obviously a boy, and the petite little darling on the right, while dressed in blue, is obviously a girl.......right? Wrong!

The adorable tiny little baby on the right is actually a boy, and his equally adorable, but quite more robust looking twin on the left, is a girl!

Why are we so easily taken in by gender stereotypes?

Melissa xx


I took the above photo from a message board I frequent, I hope the person who posted it, who I have the greatest respect for, does not take offense to me using it here.


Anji said...

We also treat the babies differently according to whether we think they are boys or girls. There is only one way to tell - or perhaps not....

Jenny said...

Judging by our own experiences in the matter the correct answer might be "Neither of them knows, yet".

VĂ©ronique said...

I am a total failure at guessing the sex of babies. I fudge as long as possible. :)