Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Depressing Things.

I was so very sad to read Rebecca's blog post, The End on her blog, A Life Reborn. She, like so many unfortunate Americans is currently unemployed, and she just got a $700 bill from her endocrinologist for blood work, that her insurance company is refusing to pay. Of course she can't afford to pay outrageous medical bills like that completely out of her own pocket, so she is putting a halt to her transition. You see, in the wealthiest country in the world, insurance companies, not doctors, determine what your medical needs are. Unless you work for a self-insured major corporation, that has been shamed into covering TG related care, forget about your insurance covering it. Thus, thousands of people are forced to either forgo HRT and transition altogether, or resort to on-line pharmacies, that the US pharmaceutical industry is doing everything in their power to shut down. Such is life in the land of the free and the home of the brave, yet we have a substantial percentage of our electorate, that seems perfectly content to have these corporate racketeers continue to lead us around by a ring in our nose. To do otherwise in their convoluted way of thinking, would be giving ourselves over to the slavery of socialism, that our "Muslim dictator" wants us all to live under. I'm speaking of course of the Tea Party, headed by none other than that notorious twit, and former Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. Truly, I'm beginning to worry about the future of my country.

Melissa XX


Anonymous said...

That is sad -- and infuriating really. First, to have such a change. And then for insurance not to pay. I have to wonder if a doctor didn't do something right, like attach a diagnosis. They know how the game works.

Single-payer health insurance is so bloody simple and so civilized. There are all kinds of ways to make it work too. France has a system with both public and private providers. The key is how you pay, not who provides the service. But in the US, the S-word keeps derailing things. :(

Jenny said...

Ask anyone who's lived under a *real* Socialist government and they won't recognise the Tea Party meaning of the word. I suspect a couple of weeks spent in a British council estate in 1978 would have them screaming to have good ol' President Obama back.

"Only in America", the way Europeans say it rather than how Americans say it, I'm sorry to say.

Dani said...

700 dollars for endo is outrageous! It's even more outrageous that most insurance, and also the new health care bill won't cover any of this! Something REALLY needs to be done! I feel so very sad for her, I know how discouraging it is.

Dani xxx

Lisa Maria said...

The NHS here may have its critics but I dont know many people that would want to see it dissapear.
In the end despite its imperfection, we all get free health care.
I am so sorry for your friend. She must be feeling so damn awful.

Anonymous said...

I won't comment because I gave up beating my head on a brick wall long ago. :)Suzi